The Art of Organization

Closet Guy of Billings: Making Storage Spaces Stylish and Efficient

For some, staying organized can feel more like a headache than a life hack. If reaching for something to wear involves digging and searching, yet the thought of a closet overhaul gives you anxiety, take a breath and let the experts help with your storage dilemma. Closet Guy of Billings has been assisting those who need home organization solutions since 2001. Even those who are already organizational experts can rejoice at the stylish designs, straightforward ideas and useful accessories. No matter the size or the space, there are storage ideas for every room of the house, from walk-in closets to the kitchen pantry. 

Walk-In Closet

A custom-designed walk-in closet is the perfect place to showcase your incredible sense of style. The double hutch with glass inserts adds elegance and personality. Here are a few accessory items that can maximize your large space and allow easy access for your entire wardrobe:

  • Premium hanging rods
  • Angled shoe shelves
  • Valet rods and wardrobe lifts
  • Fold-up ironing boards
  • Slide-out scarf, belt and tie racks

Reach-In Closet

The most common closet is the reach-in. However, reach-in closets can create a storage dilemma for many homeowners. The right organization system will let this smaller space reach its full potential, with ideas such as:

  • Adjustable shelves to provide versatility for a changing wardrobe
  • Slide-out baskets and hampers
  • Slide-out mirrors
  • Custom configurations to maximize space

Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so pantry storage should allow for visibility and reachability, making for a more efficient, well-organized kitchen space. These add-ons will elevate your pantry with style and convenience:

  • Canned-good storage
  • Slide-out spice racks
  • Slide-out wine racks
  • Scoop-front drawers

Visit for more inspiration and information on how to achieve your ideal closet solution. 

Closet Cleaning 101: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

1. Get Started

Label five large boxes or plastic bags with the following categories:

  •  Off-season
  •  Donate
  •  Sentimental
  •  Altering or mending
  •  Trash

Distribute items accordingly. Donating can help you feel good about cleaning out. Give gently used items to a local nonprofit. 

2. Monitor Habits

If you have a hard time deciding what to get rid of when it comes time for seasonal closet cleaning, simply turn all of your hangers the opposite direction at the start of the season. When you wear an item, flip your hanger. At the end of the season, you will know what to keep and what to donate, making space for next season’s purchases.

3. Remember the 80/20 Rule

You wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time—the rest just take up valuable space.

4. Overflow? Something's Got to Go!

The best way to avoid clutter is to get rid of one old item every time you add a new one. If purses are your passion, choose a sensible number of them to keep— and stick to it.

5. Changing Seasons, Changing Outfits

Seasonal clothing can take up a lot of space. Place items in bins or bags and keep somewhere else during the off-season (such as under the bed). Label out-of-season storage containers to ensure you find items easily between seasons.

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