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Salon/Spa Brings NYC Style And Makeup Expertise To Lambertville

Zanya Spa/Salon is positioned as the region’s premier place for beauty. After leaving an established, 15-year professional following in New York, makeup artist and stylist Zanya Gissler – who's done hair and makeup for celebrities, including Michael Kors, Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields – created an expert team in Lambertville, catering to discriminating clientele seeking exceptional experiences.

Coming from where stylists generally focus in one area, Zanya says she figured some must desire this type of expertise in Hopewell Valley without going to the Big Apple. Seek they did.

In 2004, she opened Zanya Salon in nearby New Hope, employing stylists focused solely on services they love, because from her perspective, to be successful, “you have to be 100% comfortable with what you’re doing.”

Starting as a four-chair salon, it quickly grew, accelerated by Zanya’s fashion and commercial work experience. “It’s helped so much because of the level of expertise I was surrounded by all the time, and it’s helped me strive for that,” she says.

Over time, Zanya envisioned enhancing the atmosphere, offerings and experience with a spa, including hair coloring/cutting/styling, nails, makeup, lashes, waxing, massage, skincare and personal services. "We hope clients receive memorable experiences and feel they’re on vacation, transported far from everyday," she explains. 

In time, what’s now known as Zanya Spa/Salon relocated to the historic Laceworks Building in Lambertville overlooking the Delaware River, setting the tone for satisfying experiences.

Little things make big differences, Zanya says, such as giving complimentary makeup touch-ups. The salon's mineral makeup, including hydrating lipsticks, contains high-quality ingredients. “Most people want cleaner skin,” she says, calling out their combined hypoallergenic tinted moisturizer, sunscreen and antioxidant. 

Makeup services include individual applications, workshops and events. Eye makeup offerings include 30-minute eye makeup applications to make the eyes “pop.” Zanya says they excel at eyelashes and lash extensions, with options from dramatic individual lashes to strip lashes for a “fuller, more obvious look that suits everyone.”

Also provided are monthly makeup bag redos, makeup for special events and professional headshots, and a program for girls under 14 years old. On the horizon, she says, are a new makeup line and new makeup artist to serve as in-house expert, a professional who previously worked at Barney’s New York.

For makeup tips, Zanya rattles off a few, from lipliner usage (“fill your entire lips with waterproof gel lip liner to provide a foundation so your lipstick stays neat”) to foundation selection (“test on the neck and in daylight to ensure a clear match”). She recommends facials starting from the teenage years. And, she believes in discovering the root of skincare issues, not covering up with heavy makeup.

“Our work speaks for itself,” she says, reflecting on many compliments regarding amazing service. “It means so much to me that my staff is so kind and caring and sensitive to how clients feel,” she adds.

This consistent experience is based on Zanya's unique training model. Rather than hiring employees from other salons, her apprenticeship program for cosmetology graduates directly trains to set standards. Apprentices rotate through services before choosing a focus. This enables Zanya and budding beauty professionals to learn their strengths and passions. Some are even hired full-time, such as lead esthetician Nicole Gross.

This approach transforms her clients’ look and employees’ lives, she says. In the long term, this investment pays off, creating careers for people who truly love what they do – some staying a decade or longer.

Zanya exudes gratitude. “I’m able to express my creativity and make someone’s day,” she says. “It’s really a gift to have the job we have.”


  • Photo by Heather Raub