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The Chosen

An Inside Glimpse at a Star: Meet Actress Amber Shana Williams

We have an insider look at one of the prestigious stars of “The Chosen,” a spiritual and artistic phenomenon bringing the story of Jesus Christ and his Apostles to your phone, tablet and streaming on your TV.  It’s been seen by millions and funded by hundreds of thousands as it depends on small and large donations to continue each episode, making it a true community of engaged and passionate fans. The Chosen has also been shown in movie theatres nationwide including here in Chino Valley.  

We are so excited to share with you our interview with Amber Shana Williams who portrays “Tamar” on the Chosen, a woman who is drawn into the world of the Jewish Messiah while being a sort of outsider from the culture and traditions. 

Amber is a glowing and radiant person, a fabulous actor and a very intuitively convicted person.  We will share with you some of our lengthy and deep talks with this talented and deeply grounded young actor.

What are your thoughts after the culmination of Season 3?

“The honeymoon is over! I was just as shocked as the fans (in fact—I am a fan) at how amazing Season 3 turned out--at how captivating, how relatable, and how it forced us to look into the mirror at the reflection of who we are and the challenges we face every day.  It got me excited for Season 4…it keeps getting better every season.  I think our kind of family dynamic transcends…. A lot of research goes into everything that Dallas (creator, director, co-writer) and the writers bring to the screen.  They’ve done their due diligence and they’ve made sure that we are as authentic as possible which shocks me because there are things in it that I didn’t even know and I grew up in the church.”

Who does your character, Tamar, represent on the show?

“Tamar represents the Gentile population and one of the first converts to follow Jesus Christ.  We can say that she is a representative of all those who are considered “the others” at some point in time.  It’s really beautiful to watch the transition she goes through.  It’s not an easy one whatsoever to go from believing and being one way, then becoming another.  It’s been quite the journey for her.  I know this is not even a fraction of what’s coming on her journey.  I do think a lot of people can relate to her in many ways. Like most of us are, once we decide to take this journey and follow Jesus, it’s become a learning experience all around, on all sides. Tamar is someone we can all aspire to be because she ran toward him (Jesus) with all of her heart and spirit and being.  He accepted her with open arms.  There were no qualms, no argument about her being the “other” or the gentile, this foreigner being a part of this group of followers.  There was this brilliant display of acceptance and love.  Tamar inspires me because her faith has been a theme across every season.”

Amber laughed many times with us.  Her laughter was contagious to the point of a powerful celebration concerning authority in her beliefs and the tenacity that Tamar delivers:

 “There is a lesson to be learned as well, with how she handles her journey.  She does it with the brights on, with the speaker up and there is no shame about it.  I think we could all learn to be followers like this, to not be shameful…to face our trials and tribulations head-on and I love the writing because it makes it easier, it kind of just jumps off the page if you know what I mean?

The real question is--who is Tamar really?

“She’s a gentile.  She’s a foreigner.  She speaks another language.  She’s a woman.  At this time, it wasn’t common for a woman to be so outspoken.  For me, that’s the way we should fall along…being loud and proud about our decision to follow Christ, but at the same time not above being compassionate and kind.  These are the things we want to remember as well, she’s compassionate, kind and understanding.  She’s so loving and takes care of those around her.  For me, it’s been such a privilege and an honor to be able to portray her on screen, because she is an expansion of those that actually existed back in this time.

At this time, it wasn’t common for a woman to be so outspoken.  For me, that’s the way we should fall along…being loud and proud about our decision to follow Christ