The Greenhouse

An Oasis in a Concrete Shell

In a city full of rustic interiors, string lights and cozy mountain style, Noble Cider’s new restaurant, The Greenhouse, is here to shake things up. Located across from the Rankin Street parking garage, this new eatery brings lush Palm Springs vibes to the Appalachians. And not only is it a great respite from reality, but they are also serving up delicious and sustainable food, cocktails and, of course, ciders. With a global chef (Gavin Baker) interested in consciously crafting food and a passionate owner (Trevor Baker), this spot is sure to be a destination for tourists and natives alike. 

The Greenhouse opened for business on June 21 and since then has been a popular spot to sit and enjoy a cider, some small plates and the company of friends. Designed with the lavish, mid-century detail of Southern California in mind, this restaurant is truly an oasis in a concrete shell. The parking garage located across the street adds to the charm of The Greenhouse. It’s a hidden gem; a special place to take a loved one or seek a getaway for a few hours. The lush plants, pops of vibrant color, wall art and atrium-style windows are reminiscent of a tropical greenhouse, thus the name. 

“I found inspiration in places that exist already—Las Vegas, Southern California and Florida,” Trevor says.

Trevor says he was ready to see Asheville offer something a little offbeat from the usual rustic mountain style.

“There isn’t anything wrong with rustic, but I enjoy bright colors and lush florals, especially when the seasons start to change,” he says.

And what a sight The Greenhouse will be on a snowy winter day: A place to feel the warmth of the tropics in the desolate cold of winter. 

Just walking into The Greenhouse is sure to raise spirits, and one glance at the menu will have even the pickiest eater excited to try something made by global and renowned chef Gavin Baker. From fried local mushrooms and kimchi pancakes to caviar and steak, there’s something for every palate. It’s food you can feel good about eating, too. Brothers Trevor and Gavin put a lot of thought and care into the choices they make when it comes to food preparation and waste. The citrus zest that would typically be discarded at the bar is used to burn in the wood-fired oven and season some of the dishes. The majority of the menu is made up of small plates to minimize leftover food being thrown out. The ingredients are local when they can be, and the menu is seasonal, giving those who wander in a taste of what the earth is providing at that time. The Bakers are taking the true cost of food into account, and because of this, the waste they produce is drastically less significant than many other kitchens. It’s a win-win-win for guests, employees and the planet. 

Speaking of winning, while enjoying a few small plates with friends, guests can also partake in a brandy or cider flight. The Greenhouse is hoping to offer educational nights in the future so guests can learn more about brandy—a delicious alcoholic beverage that has lost momentum in the world of craft drinks—and how to pair it with different dishes. It’s not all brandy and cider, however. Trevor was insistent on a full bar with quality spirits, many of them local, and all of them full of flavor. For those who choose not to imbibe, a rich dessert, like a slice of the raw cheesecake, will do the trick for an indulgent night out. When it comes to food and drinks, there will always be something for everyone at The Greenhouse. 

It’s impossible to talk about The Greenhouse without giving an enthusiastic nod to Noble Cider. Noble began in 2012 and has grown significantly since. They juice local apples, never using concentrate, and they’ve never used artificial flavors in their beverages. After one sip, and it’s obvious they care deeply about quality cider. As autumn approaches, Noble will be offering their Journeymen brew, a cranberry-orange cider with hints of fall spices and habanero; and their Blackberry Peach Crumble cider. Noble also rolled out their canned spritzer series. With various flavors and a low ABV, it’s a good drink for sipping on a slow day. And with those crisp fall days ahead of us, what better time to grab a few ciders to enjoy as a new season greets us?

The team at Noble Cider and The Greenhouse is dedicated to quality, sustainability and offering something a little different for the people of Asheville. The best way to experience it firsthand is to make a reservation (perhaps for Sunday brunch?) or visit the cider production facility in Leicester—or both! And get ready for a beautiful, unique experience—an oasis in a concrete shell. 

49 Rankin Ave., Asheville


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