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Adopting a family for the holidays

The holiday season is a time where we feel very grateful for everything we’ve been given, and we naturally want to share our abundance with others. Here’s a wonderful way to give back as well as to imbue your children with a sense of gratitude, compassion and generosity. Touch a Heart Foundation is conducting its annual Adopt-a-Family program for the 20th year.

The Adopt-A-Family holiday program matches up local families who are struggling during this often stressful time of year, with a sponsor. If you choose to sponsor, you will receive a profile and wish list from your selected family and will provide them with gifts and a holiday meal. All families are chosen by Touch a Heart’s Community Partners - other local nonprofit organizations in South Florida - so that caseworkers can choose families with the greatest needs.

You can opt to join up with a friend or co-worker to adopt a family. It's so rewarding to know you are helping children who might otherwise go without any gifts this year. Best of all, you have the opportunity to meet the family you are helping and share the joy.

There are 2 ways to adopt a family:

1.     Choose a family on Roonga - www.Roonga.com/TAHadoptions2022 - and purchase, wrap and deliver the gifts to your "adopted" family (or to their caseworker).

2.     Monetary donation only. Touch A Heart volunteers will shop, wrap and deliver gifts to families on your behalf. You can sponsor a family of 5 for as little as $500 - but any donation amount is most appreciated will be used towards fulfilling the wish list of a family in need. Email adoptions@TouchAHeartFoundation.org if you would prefer to mail a check. Donations are tax-deductible.

Tips for adopting a family:

·       Once you have selected the family you wish to adopt, contact them or the caseworker to notify them of the good news - they will be anxious to hear from you!

·       You don’t have to get all of the items on the list. Try to purchase necessities and at least one “wish” gift for each child and parent/guardian.

·       Please provide the means for a holiday meal for the family. You can give a supermarket gift card or bring a meal or food basket. 

·       Schedule a date and time of visit/delivery to either the family or the caseworker.

·       Greet them with cheer and enthusiasm! Guide your children to make conversation by introducing themselves.

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