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The Journey Of A Life’s Work

MedSpa Owner Opens Dream Location

If you had asked her 20 years ago, she might have told you this is exactly where she would end up. "I've worked six days a week for the the last 14, 15 years. It's finally paying off." Dawn Weber, owner of Skin Bar MedSpa, is proud of what she and her team have worked to build.

She is also a little reluctant to let too many people see beyond the front door of her new location at the moment of this interview, the first week of June, 2022. She wants you to see only the finished space, once it's ready with six treatment rooms and a whole team ready to deliver a pampering medspa experience.

Walking inside right now, one sees what you would expect of a space being remodeled and refreshed. New flooring and wall surfaces. Lighting that sets a tone of relaxation and renewal. Gorgeous marble countertops adorning the cabinetry. As well as quite a bit unfinished and still in progress. 

Rewind a couple decades. Dawn has always had a passion for great skin, and had her own medspa experience in this very space nearly 20 years ago. Where the new "Skin Bar" sign is now above the door outside, Dawn says the buildings in this complex previously had a different look. "It used to be glass. I got my first injections here. A nurse named Rose- she worked for Doctor Kirk and Michelle- they were a husband and wife that owned this place." Plastic surgeon Jack Zamora had an office here for about 10 years too. Dawn admits, "every day I would drive up and down 120th to go to work" in her current Bradburn location, "I would picture my name on top of this building."

When she learned last year about the "for lease" sign on her soon-to-be new space's window, she made a phone call and was signing to move in the very next day!

Skin Bar is a family endeavor that Dawn is passing along. Her oldest daughter Darryon began many years back working with her mom, helping at the front desk. After several years, and training, and the opening of the Bradburn location, Dawn gushes, "she is such an amazing aesthetician today, and I don't know what I would do without her. I want to cry just thinking about it! My clients love her to death!"

Not only a family atmosphere, but a professional one, Dawn talks about the medical staff who will be part of Skin Bar's new chapter. "I have a physician's assistant and nurse practitioner on board, and we have three other nurses who do IV hydration; there will be nine of us."

Everything you can think of in a medspa experience -- Dawn says, "whatever you need - from teeth whitening to hormone replacement therapy" -- you can find at Skin Bar Medspa, opening soon at 12001 Tejon, just off 120th Avenue in Westminster. As Dawn realizes her life dream, she invites you to experience it in person at the grand opening - coming soon! Watch for the date at