The Lost Art of Thank You Notes

In a digital world of emails and texts, the simplistic, and once standard “thank you” card has faded. Does that mean we are no longer appreciative and grateful for the nice gestures that are extended to us? Absolutely not!  We are just caught up in those casual platforms of communication, that we don’t take the time to sit down and give the time and attention to craft our heartfelt thanks in a way that shows purposeful thought.   

The written word is proof on a page and this is valuable for so many reasons. Gratitude spurns happiness, but thankfulness is tricky; the only way it is known is if it is verbally acknowledged.  Writing it down is evidence of that feeling. Putting words on a page is also more intentional than shooting off a text or email. Communicating your thanks in the common, oversimplified fashion isn’t necessarily bad, but setting aside time be “old-fashioned” with pen and paper, demonstrates the value you place on what has been done for you. Plus, handwriting is an extension of who you are as a person. It breathes your life onto the page. It exudes your voice, your spirit and your message in a way that is uniquely yours.   

With the holidays just around the corner, there is quite a fine line between the gratefulness of Thanksgiving and the endless spending of money on the endless lists for Christmas for people who anxiously have the “gimmes.” It’s important to navigate those waters, to cultivate a giving spirit as well as an appreciative heart, and establish an attitude of thankfulness. Receiving such a novelty through the mail is both meaningful and memorable and sending a special gift like this is a blessing to both the recipient and the sender. 

Helpful “Thank You” Tips 

-Send a thank you within a week of receiving someone’s gesture 

-Use “snail mail” 

-Be specific: mention the particular item or action you are grateful for 

-Be genuine

-Personalize it: colored writing utensils, hand-lettering, or cards made from family photos

-Think outside the box. If writing REALLY isn't your thing, send a video of you verbally thanking them.

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