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The Polished Edge Creates Custom Jewelry with Care

Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by The Polished Edge

Picking out fine jewelry is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. The way we decorate ourselves communicates a lot about us, and it’s important to make sure you are investing in something that will represent you well. Plus, you will look at it almost every day—you want to love it.

The Polished Edge understands that jewelry is a commitment. Owners Kevin and Christi Weaver take every step to ensure you leave with exactly what you have in mind. Kevin began the business as a jewelry repair shop, helping local retail stores keep costs lower by not having to purchase and maintain their own repair equipment.

One day, a city inspector came in and told Kevin that the location he was renting was zoned for a retail store, so instead of moving, he decided to help Christi with her dream of selling jewelry alongside the repair shop. She picked out a sterling silver line to display in the store, and Kevin began selecting some of his favorite gemstones to design custom fine jewelry.

“That was in February of 1997, and here we are today!” Christi says.

Custom Designs

At The Polished Edge, you can get any vision turned into a piece of fine jewelry—no matter how long it takes. Kevin once had a custom order that took him a year to find the right gemstones to create the look. The client didn’t mind waiting, and the end result was stunning. He used two identical pear-shaped diamonds to form a heart set in a tree-branch shaped ring. He also included the two birthstones of the couple. They now have a ring that is not only beautiful but also tells their story.

“Kevin has enjoyed being his own boss and is a typical entrepreneur in that he is a perfectionist and does not have much tolerance for mistakes or low standards,” Christi says. “That's probably why he does so much custom design work. People appreciate his attention to detail and experience working with jewelry for over 45 years.”

Sustainable Diamonds 

As people begin to care more about where their diamonds come from and the sustainability of their purchases, the jewelry industry has seen a rise in demand for lab-grown diamonds. Kevin and Christi sell a Bare Diamond line that has environmentally-conscious tennis bracelets, earrings, engagement rings and even individual diamonds that can be used for custom designs. 

“Our approach is definitely low-key,” Christi says. “We don't wear suits or have commissioned salespeople; in fact, it's just Kevin and myself here six days a week. We enjoy our downtown location as it brings a large variety of people from all over the world through our doors. We have customers that come yearly for conventions that visit us every time they come in as well as downtown residents. We made good friends with a customer from London who we stay in touch with, as well as friends that return to tell us about their world travels frequently!”

The Polished Edge’s comfortable, friendly atmosphere and Kevin and Christi’s intent to get to personally know their clients and build relationships are what set them apart from other corporate jewelers. 

“We've always been more interested," Christi says, "in making friends and helping people find something they, or whoever they're gifting, feel good about.”

Follow The Polished Edge @thepolishededge, and don't miss their daily special of half price one item. 

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