The Properly Set Table

Placement Reminders for Entertaining (and Eating Out)

Which one is mine? Ever sat there wondering? If you smiled reading this, then you surely can relate. (And so can we!) Or how about your turn to set the table when company is coming over? We are here to help!


Top, from left to right - butter plate with butter knife + cake fork above dinner plate with tines facing right + dessert spoon above fork facing left + water glass + wine glass(es)

Bottom, from left to right - napkin + salad fork + dinner fork + service plate + dinner plate on top of service plate + dinner knife + soup spoon


  • If you make a circle with your index and thumb, while extending your other fingers, your left resembles a "b" for "bread plate"
  • Your right, resembles a "d" for "drinks"
  • When setting a table - right has 5 letters - so does knife and spoon
  • Left has 4 letters - so does fork
  • Start from outside, work inwards
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