The Spirit of Christmas

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission Serving Our Community

Every year the Las Vegas Rescue Mission focuses its efforts on serving our community’s struggling and displaced families to provide families with gifts, clothing and shoes, cookies and cocoa, Christmas carols, cheer, and, most importantly, hope! As a survivor of “the streets,” I have been blessed to grow personally and professionally over the years. It was, and is, because of places like the Las Vegas Rescue Mission that I am now able to serve and extend the true Spirit of Christmas to the families that are now where I once was. I have the support of Vineyard Henderson, Valeo Senior, and Valeo Groupe Americas to support our true mission to “Work Hard, Have Fun, and Help Others” this Christmas season to truly influence the lives that are so heavily affected at this time.

There are too many families that see Christmas come and go without a tree, a present or a place to call home. As a community, we cannot stand for this. Our goal is to collect 5,000 gifts for ages 6 to 17 through the support of our community and business partners. All gifts will be given out to families in need at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission on Saturday, Dec. 14. We are proud to spearhead this initiative, and I know that as businesses and fellow professionals, we are approached for donations and contributions all year long; however, I challenge the “I’ve Met My Quota to Give” leaders and companies of our community to get involved professionally and personally.

While we are enjoying a holiday season with lights, gifts, heat, a bed, a roof over our heads or simply a place to call home, imagine that all of your comforts were suddenly gone. This community’s homeless is built of individuals and families that have lost their jobs, grandparents that have assumed their abandoned grandchildren, abuse victims and more. The true meaning of Christmas is giving, being of service and most importantly, compassion for mankind. Will you step out of your comfort zone to touch the lives of those who have already lost so much with the gift of love this holiday season? Let's give support and take our community by storm and demonstrate hope for all the hearts we will warm on Dec. 14. Everyone deserves to know that their life matters, and this Spirit of Christmas is being built on the foundation to do just that.

Here’s how you can help: 

 • Collect New Toys/Items Needed

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission can drop off 55-gallon bins, with customized flyers, immediately for your business to gather new toys (wrapped or unwrapped) and collect items listed further below. Items will be picked up on Dec. 13 to be placed in “Santa’s Workshop” to hand out to families in need the following day 

•Make a Donation: JustGiving.com/Campaign/SpiritofChristmas2019

All contributions made will help the Las Vegas Rescue Mission continue to provide free food, shelter, clothing and services to our struggling. We have also created a giving page that is directly linked to the accounts for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission for any financial donations and support 

• Spread the Word!

Encourage other business partners, friends and family to assist in your efforts to provide the Spirit of Christmas for those in need

Spirit of Christmas Collection Items (Through Dec. 13)

 • Winter Warmth/Clothing Items: New & Used; ALL Sizes! 

• Blankets, gloves, scarves, hats, coats, shoes 

• Cards of Encouragement (minimal time with incredible impact)

I encourage everyone to imagine your life without any of the things you have in it and spending this holiday season without anything to give. Please share your message of hope with the parents that receive this card; you never know when your words could save someone! 

• Toy Items: Ages 6-8; 9-11; 12-14 = TOYS

Ages 15-17 = Gift Cards ($20 value)

55-gallon barrels provided; 1 for Boys & 1 for Girls

Wrap gifts if possible and write in sharpie on the bottom (“B” or “G” and Age Group). 

• Toy Rules: All toys should be valued at $20 or less & NOT require batteries.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission has this rule in place due to the nature of the demographic they serve.

No bikes, scooters or skateboards

We cannot provide bikes to ALL children, so we don’t give out any

Toys = Easy for children to carry

Refrain from large toys because many of the families being served travel by foot or public transportation.

Sponsor a Family

We are also proud and honored to be spearheading an additional program this year for up to five families that have been helped and saved by the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. We are seeking partners that are willing to truly bring the Spirit of Christmas to families to demonstrate what love and hope looks like this year. If you are interested in this program, please contact me directly. We are planning the following:

 • Christmas Feast – Sealed and uncooked to feed entire family we are sponsoring

  • Utensils/flatware
  • Cooking pots/pans/cookie sheets to prepare the meal
  • Dishware and glassware – paper, plastic, ceramic, etc. If providing cans without pop top, please include a can opener 

• Christmas tree, decor for the season, two gifts for each child 

• Coats for every member of the family 

• Card of encouragement for the adult(s) 

• Gift cards, grocery cards, food vouchers and non-perishables are also encouraged.

Choose to be the light of hope this Christmas by getting involved.

Valerie Weiderman

Senior Manager of Donor Relations

Cell: 702.849.6374

Office: 702.932.8186

480 W. Bonanza Road, Las Vegas


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