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Get Lost in Adventure with a Day Trip to Leadville

Wanting to get out of the valley for the day? Why not day trip to Leadville.  With the weather warming up, adventure is in the air. Grab your family, friends or just yourself and take the beautiful scenic drive over Independence Pass.

Leadville was a true Wild West town. Located 10,400 feet above sea level, and nicked named Cloud City at one time, this town is the highest incorporated city in North America and at one time was the second most populated city in Colorado.

The town is filled with intriguing stories and the stuff of legends. Once the home to Doc Holliday and Baby Doe, who froze to death in her shack at the famous Matchless Mine that had once made her a multi-millionaire. The town is the setting of such movies as the Unsinkable Molly Brown and the musical, The Ballad of Baby Doe.

In 1961 the Leadville Historic District was designated a National Historic Landmark which includes 67 mines in the 20 square mile mining district east of the city. There are 70 square blocks of original Victorian architecture as well as 50 turn-of-the-century buildings in the city. Leadville is one of Colorado’s premiere heritage tourism destinations and has more museums than any other city in Colorado.

This former mining town is sure to delight and give everyone a day they won’t forget.

The Museums of Leadville Passport

The passport is the best bargain for seeing the following museums: Healy House and Dexter Cabin; Heritage Museum; National Mining Hall of Fame and Matchless Mine; House with the Eye; Temple Israel; Tabor Home and Tabor Opera House. The Passport is for sale at the Leadville/Lake County Chamber of Commerce, any of the participating museums or the train depot. It can be used from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.

High Mountain Pies

Your trip is not complete if you don’t stop and eat at this delicious pizza place. Additionally, According to Love Food's list of The most adorable small-town restaurant in every state, in fact, High Mountain Pies has THE most adorable ambiance in the Centennial State, citing not only the cute interior but "outdoor seating with stunning views of the mountains too."

Tabor Opera House

See the Opera House as it is today and imagine how it looked in 1879. Mining magnate Horace Tabor built this elaborate opera house to bring arts, culture, and civilization to a rough, remote mining town.

Roam the elegant performance hall with its original red velvet Andrews opera chairs. See the stage where John Philip Sousa and Oscar Wilde appeared, and magician Harry Houdini vanished.

The Hopemore Underground Mine Tour

Experience life as a miner with one of the last mine tours available in Colorado. Owner, and former underground mine worker, Bob Calder, takes visitors 600 feet underground in a cage similar to what mines used many years ago.  This intimate and unique one-hour tour is not to be missed. Reservations are required and can be made by calling ahead. Please note that children under the age of ten are not allowed.