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Make Your Dream Garage Become A Reality

Let’s talk about a man who took his lifelong passion and made a self-claimed career out of it. Erik Thompson, the owner of Garage Exotica, has been a major car fanatic all his life. Whether it be cars, car products, or the space in which he worked on his car, there was always interest. One day he realized “If I like it, I’m sure there’s one or two other people out there who like it” and came to the decision that it was time to start his own business for people with a passion for cars just like him. 

The Navy Reservist US Navy Lieutenant opened Garage Exotica LLC in 2020. The military owned company is run by him & his father, Phil Thompson.  The father-son business was founded on passion, service, dedication, and hard work, in which every project they do and person they meet reflects these core values.  Being a family-built business, they strive to treat their clients the same way – like part of the family.

Starting this new business in 2020 was right around the time that Covid19 rocked our world. For Erik & Phil, they didn’t allow this to force them to give up, rather to take the time to game plan and make their business the best it could be. With Phil being a licensed general contractor and Erik being the car fanatic that he is, what better than to put the two skills together to really allow their business to take off?  Garage Exotica now offers storage solutions, car care products, car lifts, specialty lighting and overall makeovers to your garage space.  They strive to use only American made products and never settle for lesser quality, no matter the cost.  His mission is to ‘Make your dream garage become a reality” and he has many finished projects and happy clients to demonstrate the truth to this mission.  We love not only supporting local businesses, but military AND family-owned businesses, too! Check him out by visiting