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The Wine Country Experience Comes to Boca

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."--- Michael Broadbent

There’s nothing small about Sixty Vines. From the oversized farm tables, solid blond wood posts, and massive lamps illuminating the golden glow of a Chardonnay varietal, everything is generous. The key words in Sixty Vines’ ethos are hospitality and authenticity. When you are ushered in through the restaurant’s doors, you enter wine country. The communal nature of the tables and shareable plates is reminiscent of winery workers breaking bread together after a day in the vineyard, sampling the wine they helped create. The light, bright space interspersed with the warm textures and hues of wood calls to mind the sun-drenched gardens of wine country. The music is festive and assertive. This is not a place for hushed tones and vanilla melodies. It’s a gathering place for celebration as full-bodied as its wine. Friends laughing. Clinking glasses. Shared dishes.

“We practice hospitality, innately as humans, every day in our homes. Our friends come over, our relatives come over. We bring them in, make them comfortable, offer them food and drink. We do that in our homes all the time. So, if you go to a restaurant and you’re not experiencing that, there’s a clear disconnect in vision and culture.” – Manfred Gessa, General Manager

The guest experience is of primary importance at Sixty Vines. And the wine. Select, curated…special. Sixty Vines’ beverage director, Gene Zimmerman has been in the business for 40 years and boasts relations with wineries all over the world. These relationships with wineries mean that Sixty Vines can request that a particular wine be kegged specifically for the restaurant. A couple decades ago it might have been unheard of for a Bordeaux vineyard to put their wine in a keg, rather than bottles. But now, elite wineries recognize the value of doing so – not just in economic terms but environmental.

There are currently 55 wines on tap at Sixty Vines – a mix of reds, whites, roses and sparkling – far more than at other restaurants serving wine on tap. The concept of serving wine directly from kegs is not new, but highly advantageous, particularly in terms of sustainability. Each keg of wine saves more than 1,500 bottles, labels and corks from ending up in the landfill.

Wine on tap – because of its vacuum seal – also preserves the quality, so that the first glass of wine poured from the keg tastes exactly the same as the last. No more wasting half-empty open bottles of wine. It also makes it easy for guests to try as many different wines as they like. A guest who has a hankering for Syrah can taste one from California, France and Washington, before deciding which to drink in earnest. Sixty Vines’ menu is also lovingly crafted to mirror what vineyard workers eat in wine country. The Santa Maria Tri-Tip with chimichurri calls up flavors from Argentina’s wine country, while Campanelle pasta celebrates Italian cuisine. The Double Cabernet Burger with caramelized onions and Worcestershire mayo is an assertive acknowledgment of America’s wine country, while the delightfully whimsical fried chicken with crème Fraiche and caviar is the perfect foil for a rich, buttery Chardonnay. Knowledgeable servers are there to help both wine newbies and established oenophiles discover the perfect sip and sup.

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