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Full Moon Freddy

Sometimes when life challenges us, all you can do is shake your head and laugh about it

Article by Tammy Jones

Photography by Laura Wagoner

Originally published in Fargo Lifestyle

The Lassonde family thrives through their faith and from the outpouring of love & kindness from the community. Fred Lassonde, a former Detective with the Fargo Police Department, was affectionately called "Full Moon Freddy" because every night he worked, crime would be crazy like it was a full moon. In March 2017, Lassonde was enjoying his day off and one of his favorite hobbies, working on his truck.

While Lassonde was working underneath his truck, loosening bolts to remove the skid plate, the last bolt broke loose, and the skid plate was thrust into his right temple, leaving him with a devastating concussion-related traumatic brain injury. Due to the long-term debilitating damage to his brain, Lassonde was forced to quit work before his retirement had become vested.

The family was forced to sell their home in Lake Park and move into temporary housing until something was ready for them. Another tragedy struck, and the storage facility that held all their belongings was devastated by a storm. Shortly after things started to settle into place, Lassonde's wife, Anna, broke her back, leaving her unable to work.

Fred and Anna try to get by from making use of their natural talents. Anna is a very talented artist and creates custom paintings and murals for people. Fred is mechanical and will buy and sell truck parts when his energy allows. When asked what makes them happy, Anna replies, "Laughing at ourselves gives us grace to be who we are, imperfect people. Brain-damaged or not, we all need each other."

Through a series of fortunate encounters, Anna met Jodi Plecity, founder of People's Rising Academy. Upon hearing Anna's story, Jodi sprang into action and teamed up with Lend A Hand Up to rally help from the community to assist the Lassondes with their respective therapeutic costs. Lend A Hand Up has added an online silent auction to its website that will be live May through July for monetary donations. Gifts will be boosted by 20% up to $5,000. Anna feels they are blessed to have so many wonderful people in this community, stating, “they are all like family to us."

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