Thirsty Street Brewing, Co.

A Day in the Life of a Local Brewmaster

Thirsty Street Brewing, Co. 

Patio season is upon us, and after a challenging spring (to put it lightly), we could all use an excuse to slip outside for an ice cold, locally brewed beer. Thirsty Street Brewing, Co. has two downtown locations perfect for quenching your thirst and satisfying that summery longing. 

Husband and wife team Shea and Jill Dawson are the founders and co-owners of Thirsty Street, with Shea also serving as Head Brewer. Thirsty Street at the Garage is home to the main operation, where their beers are brewed and packaged. 

“Offerings include a variety of 16 styles from light to dark-colored ales, hoppy ales, gluten reduced ales, and sours,” says Jill. "The Garage is a great live music venue, too, hosting local and touring shows on the weekends.”

At the Taproom & Bottle Shop, patrons can enjoy the same Thirsty Street brews, guest taps, cider, kombucha, wine by the glass, as well as a curated wine and bottle selection. The kid and dog-friendly location includes a game room with free billiards, darts, and shuffleboard, plus extended taproom hours. 

What does the typical day for a Brewer entail? Jill describes her husband’s daily schedule and what it takes to operate a successful brewery. 

“The typical day for Shea varies,” Jill begins. “He will brew two to three times per week. Other days are spent transferring beer to different tanks, dry-hopping, kegging the beer, and cleaning, lots and lots of cleaning. The days are broken up with meetings, receiving shipments, fixing things, or visits from his five year old twin daughters.” 


“On brew days the morning is spent measuring out the grains and putting it through the mill to the mash tun. That is where the grain mixed with hot water is converted to the wort. During this time, Shea is preparing for the next step, the kettle, where the beer will boil to condense sugars and sterilize the wort. Then, Shea is preparing the fermenting tanks to receive beer. Again lots of cleaning! After, the beer is in the fermenter, where it will ferment for an average 14 days.”


 “Afternoon on a brew day is usually spent cleaning and sanitizing. Some time at the computer may be necessary, whether creating recipes, ordering ingredients or parts, answering emails, or making accounting entries.”


“In the evening, Shea will enjoy a pint of beer with his wife!” Jill smiles. “Sometimes we talk business, but mostly our 5 year old twin daughters dictate whether it's a productive conversation or not. That sums up the typical brew day.”

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