Through the Eyes of Steve Yocom

Inspiring Exploration

In this digital age, it’s not uncommon to spend hours scrolling through various social media platforms admiring others’ view of the world through their camera lens. But for Steve Yocom, exploring landscapes, cities and moments with a camera is a full-time job, and he’s thankful for it. His portfolio boasts some huge brands, including the state of North Carolina, and it’s easy to see why: he’s passionate about his art.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Steve says he was amazed when he got out of the concrete jungle and realized how beautiful the world is. A desire to capture the magic of his surroundings was born, and he taught himself how to take photos that show off Earth’s beauty.

“Being outside in nature is very fulfilling,” Steve says. “I try to put a focus on my work to inspire people to get outside more. We live 45 minutes from some of the prettiest places on the entire East Coast, and maybe you can’t get away from your job, but you can wake up an hour earlier to experience a sunrise and start your day incredibly different.”

He also stays true to the form, hardly ever using Photoshop or heavy editing so the viewer can see what he’s seen. From the Appalachian Mountains to exotic beaches and sunsets on the West Coast, his photography has the power to inspire people from every lifestyle.

If you’d like to know more about Steve, his photography and his philosophy on life, you can check out SteveYocomPhotography.com or @steveyocomphotography on Instagram. He’s also writing a book about a solo journey he took across the country, living outdoors along the way. It will hold stories, lessons and inspiration along with journal entries and, of course, photos.

So, what are you waiting for? Get outside and explore these beautiful mountains. Take a hike, find a swimming hole, learn about the regional fauna and flora, and share what you see along the way.

To capture color-rich photos, try shooting a couple of hours after sunrise or before sunset, just before and after the golden hours of the day. The light will be soft and consistent, the perfect recipe for stunning portraits. 

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