Time to Sparkle

Get a Jump on Holiday Decorating with Tips from Horticulturalist Becky Blair of Good Earth Landscaping

Small Spaces

The best holiday memories are often made in the coziest corners of our homes, whether cooking in the kitchen or lingering over coffee and Christmas cookies by the fireplace. To make small spaces more festive, Blair suggests using greens, candles, bottlebrush trees, and natural accents on tables, shelves, and around dining areas. “Also, use lots of light. Try battery-lit LED branches, LED lightfalls, and light curtains to brighten your space,” she says. And don’t forget your guest bathroom—a few sprigs of green and a bit of sparkle can go a long way there, too.

Medium Spaces

Transforming your family’s central living area into a Christmas wonderland can easily be achieved with a bit of creativity, Blair notes, adding that live greens are a bonus for bringing their lovely fragrance to your home. “Create a grand arrangement with mixed boughs in a variety of needle types for a more visually interesting look. For a more modern approach, try a simple grouping of colored branches like red twig dogwood and bowls of cones,” she says. “Or, get a mini tree! A small live tree can be planted in your yard after the holidays.”

Outdoor Spaces

“The sky’s the limit,” Blair says. “Large-scale exterior lighting is a great way to share your cheer with the neighbors. Tree lighting is the most popular exterior lighting in our area.” She also recommends getting store-bought fresh wreaths or garlands and decorating them with your own ribbons or accents. An anti-dessicant spray (available at local nurseries) will help keep them supple in our dry Colorado air. If making your own wreaths, Blair notes that “long needle Ponderosa pine, blue spruce, bristlecone pine, and Rocky Mountain juniper are perfect for a unique western look.”

Would you rather leave the decorating to the professionals? Good Earth, based in El Jebel, specializes in a full range of high-quality services: Christmas tree installation, custom fresh wreaths and garlands, interior arrangements, exterior home lighting and tree wrapping, decorative outdoor planters, and much more. Reach them at 970.963.5900.

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