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Article by Sharon Caldwell Peddie

Photography by Ashley Taylor, Sharon Caldwell Peddie

Originally published in Boca Style Lifestyle

"A reader and a traveler in one, grows a generous heart for all."- Sharon Caldwell Peddie

Having been part of a book club for over 15 years, I’m often asked to recommend a good book.  My favorite books are the ones that inspire our growth, whether it’s intended or not. I’m recommending 3 books set in beautiful places I’ve experienced, that I believe will grow you and your life even more beautiful!

Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

A beautifully written, inspirational memoir of an American author who buys and restores a rundown villa in the hills of Tuscany, Italy. I traveled to Italy two summers ago with my oldest daughter to celebrate her finishing law school. We drove a car from Florence through Tuscany where we stayed in a renovated farmhouse experiencing the beauty described by Mayes, of the decadent landscape, food, wine and culture. This book, and a trip to Italy will inspire more “why nots”, adding permanent romance and joy to many aspects of your life. 

The Shack by William P. Young

A story about a father whose daughter was abducted while on a camping trip together learns she may have been brutally murdered. He receives a note, apparently from God, leading him to an abandoned shack deep in an Oregon forest. The Shack will speak to you--but it will be your interpretation that stirs an experience you’ll carry with you. Living in Oregon aka “God’s Country” for 25 years, I can attest, its beautiful nature evokes spirituality. It’s filled with mystical, lush green forests; waterfalls; majestic lakes; rivers with mountainous backdrops; high desert; bountiful farms, vineyards; fields of tulips and lavender: the treasures go on. 

The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking by Susanna M Hoffman

A tasty history lesson in Greek culture told through beautiful stories and recipes. There’s something warm and special about a cookbook from a place you’ve been or would like to go. A trip to Greece with another daughter was inspired by her education in dietetics/nutrition. “Diet” comes from the Greek word “diaita” meaning “way of life”. The Greeks' lifestyle and diet historically has given them a healthy population. We fell in love with their fresh seafood, olive oil, herbs, fruits, water, beautiful islands, exquisite sunsets, ancient history and nurturing culture.  “The Olive and the Caper” will add delicious love in your kitchen until you can taste and feel it in Greece!

Sharon Caldwell Peddie is a new, Inspirational Writer and Author of  “Grow Yourself Beautiful: A Smart Girl’s Guide to Following Her Heart and Focusing on Her Inner Joy”. Peddie grew up in South Florida and now lives in Oregon. She’s a proud UF Gator Journalism Grad and currently working on Book 2. Follow Sharon on Social Media for ways to grow you and your life even more beautiful! 

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