48 Hours in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top 5 Things to Experience While Visiting

Article by Renee Rayles

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Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina and the birthplace of the tango, is a stunning city with European architecture that will charm you around every corner. Here are the top five things to experience while visiting Buenos Aires.

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Take a Tango Class

The Tango originated in Buenos Aires in the late 1800s and was known as the “music of the immigrants.” Music and tango are a big part of South American culture. Lucia and Gerry offer an evening English tango class where you will learn the basics of Tango. Including, learning about the etiquette of Tango. This includes the “mirada” and “cabeceo,” the non-verbal way to ask for a dance by making eye contact and then giving a nod.

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Lucia and Gerry have been teaching Tango for years and break it down into simple steps. After learning a few moves, the class moves to a milonga, a place where they play Tango music. There, the teachers make it fun, not overwhelming. They dance with us, we danced with each other and enjoyed the sounds of a live band and cocktails at the milonga. All this was included in the class fee. 

European minuet dances, polkas and many African influences that brought rhythms and instruments that formed Tango, a dance that very quickly became very popular in the poor neighborhood of Buenos Aires.


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Argentina is the fifth-largest wine-producing country in the world. In Argentina, wine has been declared the national beverage. Full pours and some of the most reasonable prices I’ve ever experienced. An average glass of Argentinian wine while visiting was USD $4. After experiencing so many different Argentinian wines, what I learned was they all were magnificent. Even better? The price vs. quality was the best value I’ve ever experienced. There are plenty of restaurants along the streets to taste the most famous wine they are known for, Malbec. Or, schedule a wine tour to experience a variety of Argentine wines.

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There are over 280 theatrical theatres in Buenos Aires, thought to be the most in the world. Theatro Colon, in the El Centro district, is considered one of the ten most important opera houses in the world by National Geographic. It is the main opera house in Buenos Aires.

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Argentina has the second largest beef consumption per capita in the world and is known as “the land of the cow.” They farm meat and know how to cook it. Argentina is well known for its la parrilla’s, translated to English, steakhouses. You don’t have to look far for a la parrilla, they are everywhere. A huge serving of steak that is tender and delicious. Quite frankly, the servings would easily feed two people. What goes great with that steak? A glass of Argentinian red wine. A meal of a parrilla and a glass of wine, during my stay, cost around $20 per person. An extraordinarily reasonable meal in a city that’s unlike any experience in the world. Looking for the perfect neighborhood to have a parrilla and a wine? La Boca Neighborhood is a great place to enjoy both with a large selection of restaurants and bars to choose from.

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Shop for Leather Goods

Argentina is known for meat, which in turn means abundant leather offerings throughout the city. Coats, handbags, furniture, and accessories are offered along streets filled with leather shops. Items, many times, are made in house. Some of the best shopping can be found at Murillo Street Leather District. Check for the type of leather, seams, and overall quality. Prices can often be haggled; so don’t mind asking for a discount. If you would like it tailored, just ask.

Buenos Aires is one of the most affordable, seductive, cosmopolitan cities I have ever traveled to. Just walking around and exploring is breathtaking. The buildings, the colors, the culture are all alluring. After all, Buenos Aires means “fair winds” or “good airs” in Spanish. Everything about the city is exactly that, good airs.

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Fun Fact: Buenos Aires has, per person, the highest number of bookstores in the world. There are over 800 bookstores and kiosks.

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