Breathtaking Bohol, Philippines

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Bohol: an island paradise with some of the whitest, powdery sand beaches in the world. A phenomenal island that offers a laid back ambiance with stunning beach views. Bohol, is literally, on the other side of the world, and a 20-plus hour flight from the United States. With the Philippines comprising of over 7,000 islands, the island lifestyle is part of the Filipino culture.

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Island hopping is easy to do here with each island offering up different experiences. Bohol, located in the Central Visayas Region, offers remarkable experiences that are native to its island. From swimming with the whale sharks to relaxing at the resort, here are the top things to do when visiting Bohol, Philippines.

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Visit the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

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Bohol Tarsiers measure 4 to 5 inches and are considered as the world’s smallest primate. Its size is no longer than an adult man’s hand and weigh only about 113 to 142 grams or four to five ounces.

Much like the owl, the tarsier can rotate its head 180 degrees in each direction. 

Tarsiers are an endangered species. They are extremely tiny with bigger eyes than brains. In the sanctuary, you can see them in their natural habitat climbing trees, sitting and swinging through the forest.

Chocolate Hills

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Estimated to be over 1260 hills covered in green grass in a stunning, geological formation. It’s fun, it’s different, and it’s the perfect place for a selfie.

The viewing deck gives you a 360-degree view. Chocolate Hills states, “the unique landform was formed ages ago by the uplift of coral deposits and the action of rainwater and erosion.”

The green grass turns to a brown color in the dry season, hence the name “chocolate hills.” The dry season is November through May.

Swim With Whale Sharks

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The world’s largest fish is the whale shark! states it can grow 40 feet long and weigh an average of 20 tons. Did you know that whale sharks feed on plankton, have around 3000 teeth, and live 70-100 years?

Take a boat out into the water into the whale shark area. Put on your snorkel mask and see the whale sharks swimming beside you. Get up close and personal with the biggest fish in the ocean. Watch the whale sharks swim the ocean from the parameters of your boat area. The whale sharks swim up close and there are many of them to see. Just don’t get too close or touch them, as it’s illegal. 

Bohol is one of the only places in the world to swim with whale sharks.

Alona Beach 

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One of the areas most notably known for white-sand beaches is Alona Beach, that stretches almost a full mile. You can find a variety of tourist attractions from snorkeling and diving at coral reefs, to dolphin watching.

Or, simply sit back and enjoy an array of restaurants, bars, and nightlife along Alona Beach. Many of which are outside and on the beach itself.

Relax with a drink on the beach and take in the sunset.


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Isis Thai & Seafoods Restaurant

When traveling to a new country, tasting local cuisine can be one of the best ways to experience new cultures. In the Philippines, seafood is a must! Isis Thai & Seafoods Restaurant features fresh fish grilled outside on the sand. Choose from an array of fresh seafood that’s weighed, and then cooked to order.

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Nameka Resturant and Lounge

The menu consists of Filipino and American food. The quinoa salad with shrimp, delicious!

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When traveling to the Philippines, or PI, indulging in spa services is the perfect complement to a long flight. Enjoy a massage outdoors and take in the sights and sounds of Bohol in a relaxed environment.

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort offers a luxurious backdrop with reasonable pricing. Infinity pools, spa, restaurant, bar, recreation area, and it is close to the airport.

A luxury bathroom that feels like your personal mini spa, rooms overlooking the tranquil pool, and close to a variety of places to explore.

In November 2018, their international airport opened, making it even easier for travelers to visit.

Bohol, offering a vacation with relaxation and exploration. A perfect mix for rejuvenation.

TIP: Explore the open road, and save some pesos, by traveling on a tricycle, taxi bike.

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