Glamping in Vail: Food + Adventures on the Ranch

Article by Andrea Larson

The first part of our glamping adventures in Colorado covered planning, our road trip out, and what to expect when you check in to Collective Vail, located at 4 Eagle Ranch.  

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Now it’s time to talk food and adventure! 


The food is served from a tent, in a tent! You can also eat outside, which is what we did for every meal. 

There is also a beautifully decorated covered space where all guests can come for breakfast, so you get to mingle and interact. We also got to know the chef and the staff on site, which was so fun for us. 

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The food is locally sourced when possible and everything is made fresh on site. 

Before we checked in, we were able to purchase lunches and/or dinners that we wanted made for us or that we wanted to grill ourselves. We took advantage of this because we didn't know how much we would want to drive into "town" to eat. 

We grilled a few nights (we had a grill right near our tent). They offered steak, fish, potatoes and veggies, among other things. All of the food was prepared for us, and we just did the grilling.

The staff would set up the quaintest little table for two. We ate outside in the crisp mountain air. 

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One night, we purchased a nice dinner to be made for us up at the community tent. We met the sweetest couple from Nashville that we are still in touch with. We drank wine and laughed the night away ... one of our fondest memories from the trip. 

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When Steve planned the trip, he booked a few adventure surprises. I’m all about this! I want to do all the things while we are young and able and free-spirited! 


One morning we drove to Beaver Creek to hike. We ended up on Beaver Lake Trail. It was so hard! I was dying! But we did it, pushing ourselves to the top where there was a beautiful lake staring us in the face. 

This was about a 7-mile hike, round trip, and straight uphill. It was worth being at the top of a mountain with this guy. It was also fun to do something challenging and to push each other.

Beaver Creek is a ski resort. The shops were open during the summer, dining was available, and you could take the lifts to the top of the mountain.

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Horseback Riding

Another day, Steve booked a horseback ride. I've never been on a horse before!

Because Collective Vail is located on a working ranch, it has lots of horses, and we had a blast riding up and down the mountain right on site. Our guide was funny and the horses were gentle.

We absolutely loved this! And yes, Steve got to ride the biggest horse at the ranch! #tallpeopleperks. Take me back!

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Our third adventure was fly-fishing.

Our family loves to fish, and that includes me. This was such a cool experience for us, as it was so different than anything we have ever tried.

We had a personal guide who drove us to Eagle Creek, provided us with all of the gear, poles and boots, and helped us each land our first trout.

I would highly recommend this! It's fun to wear the overalls and boots and step into the cold creek. It was so peaceful and serene. 

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We visited Collective Vail in late July/early August, when the weather was warm during the day and chilly at night. 

It was forecasted to rain several days we were there, and it ended up raining one night overnight and sprinkled a few other times. For the most part, it was excellent weather this time of year. 


We definitely needed long sleeves and pants, and we packed very casual clothes. We were glamping on a ranch after all! We took hiking clothes, jeans, sweatshirts and tennis shoes and left anything “nice” at home. It was so nice to pack comfortable clothes for an entire trip. And don't forget your backpack! 

I would suggest bringing a cooler of adult beverages with you if you are into that. We are! We also drove to Collective Vail, which allowed us to fill up our Yeti with water, wine and beer. You may think about getting a disposable cooler and drinks at the closest town, Eagle Creek, f you fly in.


Accommodations are not cheap, even though you are sleeping in a tent. But expect to pay for the "experience" of it all per night. 

We also had the luxury of being able to road trip to this location, which helped with the cost, and Creative Vail offers other locations throughout the U.S. It is something I would do again, and pay for again. 

We had a wonderful time doing something totally unexpected and different. Steve is my favorite travel partner. I will never take him or our travels or our quiet time spent together for granted!!

Travel brings you closer, opens your eyes, and gives you something to look forward to. What are you waiting for? Go book a trip! Just do it! 

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