Island Hopping in the Philippines

Sightseeing in Siargao Before Exploring Other Islands

Article by Renee Rayles

Photography by Renee Rayles

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On the other side of the world lies some of the most beautiful islands known to mankind. With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines boasts an array of picturesque tropical destinations to visit. In fact, you could travel to an island a day for the next 19 years and still not see all the islands in this beautiful country. Journeying from Atlanta, it took over 28 hours of flying to the opposite end of the globe, including over 8,800 miles one way to arrive on the island of Siargao. It was all worth it.

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Siargao Island

Siargao Island, the first island we visit, is a well-known surfer island in Asia. It is a tiny, pear-shaped island of 168.7 miles, with illustrious emerald green and turquoise blue waters. Exploring the island, you will notice the stunning coconut tree-lined streets and a laid back beach vibe. Siargao has an abundance of impressive tourist stops. Before exploring the neighboring islands, we decide to explore some of the best sightseeing destinations in Siargao. A few of the most remarkable destinations on the island are Cloud 9 Beach, Magpupungko, Coconut Farm Viewdeck, and Burgos Surigao Del Norte.

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Cloud 9 Beach

Cloud 9 is ranked as one of the best surf destinations in the world and boasts some of the best waves in the world. The meaning of “cloud 9” or a “state of bliss” is definitely seen and felt in enjoying the surrounding beauty of the ocean and watching surfers chasing waves.

Want to try surfing the waves? Learn to surf for $9.59 USD! (2019 Price)

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Jump into natural tidal pools and view the stunning rock formation at Magpupungko. Due to low tides, the rock pools are easily viewable and swimmable. Jump from the top of rock formations or relax in one of the tidal pools. Don’t miss out on lunch! Magpupungko doesn’t just have on the most sensational views you could ever see, it also offers up some of the best seafood on the island. Lunch goes perfect with a $.50 USD coconut water!

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Coconut Farm Viewdeck

“A coconut nut is a giant nut.” You might be singing this Philippino song while visiting as the island is lined with coconut trees at every angle. One of the most incredible views is driving through the island and viewing the Coconut Farm Viewdeck.

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Burgos Surigao Del Norte

Looking for a more private beach? Look no further than Burgos Surigao Del Norte’s beach. We stumbled upon this spectacular area while driving around the island. Our only other guests were a pig farmer and his pigs.

A wide range of tour companies offers shuttles to visit these sites with private tours. *Always check for a legitimate and established tour company.

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Island Hopping off Siargao

Not only is Siargao Island exquisite itself, but it also offers tours to some of the best island hopping in the world! Easily visit three of the most breathtaking destinations; Naked Island, Guyum and Daku.

Hop aboard a bangka boat, the primary transportation boat in the Philippines made of bamboo. We met our tour guide in the municipality of General Luna. The pier area in General Luna is also a great place to eat, shop and see the local scene.

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Guyam Island

Guyam Island is our first stop. With the boat making its way to shore, the island is picturesque and the water is a memorizing, buoyant blue. The shallow water emerges and everyone jumps out of the boat into waters that are of a perfect temperature. A perfect utopia in a tropical setting. Enjoy relaxing in hammocks and swings that overlook the breathtaking scenery.

Naked Island

Naked Island is a sand bar without any trees, vegetation or shade. It literally is a naked island or exposed sandbar. The piercing, clear blue waters are so overwhelming you have to jump in. The sun is relentless, but the water is enthralling leaving one to wade in the water.

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Daku is the largest island on our day of island hopping. White sands and views that pierce your soul, it is the ideal last stop of the day on our island-hopping adventure.

One of the biggest perks is that the islands are insanely reasonable for a US traveler.

  • Learn to surf for $9.59.
  • Breakfast for $1.
  • A water out of a coconut $.50.
  • The day island hopping to three other islands in our own private boat with a captain: $70.
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Resort Life

A great day island hopping, and it’s back to our bungalows at Jonas & Twins Resort. The resort offers a gym, restaurant, bar and a beautiful ocean view. It is the final morning of our trip and a mango shake is what’s for breakfast. The local fruits and juices are delicious.

We have had a wonderful trip to Siargao, Philippines. It is time to board a flight and head back home. From the Rayles wedding party, we thank you for such a magical time. Congrats to my brother and his wife, Jen, on their vow renewal ceremony while in Siargao!

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