Sedona’s New Day Spa For a New You

Relaxed, Rejuvenated and Ready for a New Day

Sedona is a much loved destination. It touches people in many different ways. The visual beauty is stunning. You can hike trails that are fun or challenging. There’s an energy and a hint of mysticism. Sedona also has great food, artisans and experiential pampering. I was delighted to experience first-hand several rejuvenating services in this peaceful location with a few friends.

As we passed under the arch to Sedona’s New Day Spa, we were greeted with the words  “Welcome to your private retreat.” They could also say, “A special day for a special you.”

Immediately, I noticed how each guest is treated as if they were a long time favorite.

“Many people come to Sedona at a crossroads in their lives with the need to make decisions—personal and career,” said Jill Galea, co-owner of Sedona’s New Day Spa. “The focus of our spa is to provide calm and a special place to find peace. We want our guests to understand how important it is to care for themselves. It means everything to your future health and makes you happier.”

Celebrate Anything and Everything

Guests also come to Sedona’s New Day Spa to celebrate. The associates joyfully host parties for groups as diverse as bridal parties, graduation celebrations and male mountain bike riders. Many parents and teenage children make it a part of their Sedona visit. Galea has also noticed an interesting trend among women, as they are often now choosing to get together at a spa rather than over lunch.

“It’s a wonderful honor and opportunity; a gift to us, in fact, when we are able to help our guests celebrate different aspects of their lives,” Galea shared. “We love helping to create memories.”

When Galea moved the spa a few years ago, the new location presented the opportunity to create open relaxation spaces. She was inspired to fully incorporate and enrich aspects of nature. “We had conscious intentions to honor the forefathers of the land,” Galea said. The healing, peace, tranquility and rejuvenation aspects she incorporated make her spa very “Sedona-esque.” 

Sacred Partners

“We are on sacred land,” Galea shared. “There is so much history here. You can feel the energy. The experiences we offer enable people to tune in to the Sedona energy, history and into themselves...Whichever service our guests choose, we are honored when they allow us to be partners in their rejuvenation.”

Sedona’s New Day Spa offers three different ninety-minute Native Wisdom Spa Rituals. Most notable, the Southwest Steam Experience, is inspired by the Native American sweat lodge. Becoming a therapist for this experience requires a long training period with a considerable amount of spiritual training in addition to the technical aspects of the steam canopy. Sedona’s New Day Spa is the only local facility providing this Native American inspired spa treatment to the public.

“Sedona’s New Day Spa is a magical place that brings one to a singular relaxation experience,” said Rebecca LaChance, a concurrent guest with me. “From the first touch of the therapist in my Southwest Steam Experience, I felt at ease placing myself into her hands. I now feel deeply refreshed. Plus, I feel filled with a new wisdom of self-care.”

Feeling the Desert Vibe

“The Desert Nature Body Treatments focus on relaxation, exfoliation and being beautiful,” said Galea. “Each treatment uses hand-crafted body butters, oils and lotions developed exclusively for us with locally-crafted, indigenous and organic ingredients.” Five different ninety-minute experiences with exfoliation and massages are offered. 

The Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica treatment brings relief to muscle and joint tension and stimulates total body circulation. The Prickly Pear Pomegranate is the ultimate treatment for stressed or aging skin. The Cedarwood Citrus Wild Chaparral treatment—using a product made especially for this spa and warm riverbed stones for massage—is a “desert” treatment focused on grounding. “Our treatments incorporate elements found in the local environment,” Galea shared. “They are relaxing, rejuvenating and provide clarity, as well as being a wonderful experience.”

Sweat Lodge Inspired

I chose the traditional body-cleansing and spirit-purifying Native American-inspired Steamy Spa Experience. The personalized journey began with a facilitated acknowledgment of my inner focus and concerns. Next, I received a thorough exfoliating body scrub and organic detox oil rub before the steam canopy was lowered over me. I laid there warm and relaxed while the therapist performed a soothing marma-therapy head massage. With my approval, the steam tent was pulled up over my head for a total body cleansing. After the steam, I was covered in warm towels to keep all those pores open as my full body was massaged with a Rosemary Mint Coconut Butter. When the therapist finished, I was a limp noodle. 

My friend, Karen Smith, who participated in the Steamy Spa Experience after me, had spent her time waiting in the large hot tub. “What a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate!” she said later. “Along with that soulful and relaxing massage, the experience stayed with me long after I finished.”

Relaxed and Rejuvenated

A Trip Advisor reviewer wrote, “I live in Phoenix, but the drive to Sedona is worth it! Sedona has plenty of other massage options, including high-end resorts with spa services. But, none of them feel the same nor provide the level of experience I’m looking for. I’ll keep going back to Sedona’s New Day Spa!”

Wherever you come from and whatever experience you choose, you’ll accomplish exactly what Galea intends. You will be relaxed and rejuvenated. As you walk out the door, you’ll hear her words, “Enjoy your new day.” 


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