Wispy Clouds Over the Sawtooths

Snow-covered ground winter farm corral before the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho

Article by Charles Knowles

Photography by Charles Knowles

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

I have made many trips into the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho. As a photographer, each trip shows something different to offer. Not only does my own perspective change over the years, but the weather conditions are ever changing, not to mention different seasons. I ran across this old corral in the fields behind Stanley Idaho one winter. The corral itself was very photogenic, but there was magic happening behind it up in and above the mountains.  Although it was very cold, I waited what seemed like forever for the clouds to move into position before I took the shot. After I took is image, I chose to process it in Black and White mostly because there was not much color at the corral, but it also helps to define the wispy feathery clouds better.

  • stanley%20corral_bw-300?v=2

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