Women in Wanderlust

We women long for the excitement of the unknown, but we still like to come prepared

We may not have been able to travel over the past year, but you better believe that as soon as the world opens back up, we will chase after it again. The question is, what places should we prioritize and how should we prepare so as to make the most of our experience? 

As someone who has traveled the world nonstop for the past few years, I would like to give you ladies (and gentlemen) my top tips and tricks. 

1. Communication

The first thing I do when I land in a new country is track down a sim card vendor and get high or unlimited data for the span of time I have in that country. In most countries this will cost you far less than your current plan in the U.S., and having internet pretty much everywhere is crucial. In case you do lose signal somewhere, it's always a good idea to download offline Google Maps for your area in advance. 


2. Transportation

In this day and age there is almost zero need for overpriced taxis. I opt for a ride share like Uber, Lyft or the local equivalent. It is much safer, faster and more convenient. 


3. Safety

It's no secret that female travelers have to be more wary than their male counterparts. However, for the vast majority of countries, it's really not as bad as you think. Many "third world countries" throughout Southeast Asia feel safer than much of the United States, while countries like Egypt and Morocco, though still incredible to visit, really shouldn't be visited alone. In high crime cities like Marrakech, completely ignore anyone who tries to speak with you on the street and watch for motorcyclists snatching phones and bags. I was actually with a male friend walking down the streets of the Medina in Marrakech when a local man still tried to convince us to go into an unmarked basement "bakery." 


4. Footwear

Ditch your heels in favor of comfortable footwear. Trust me, the best way to see any city is to just stroll around for hours. Aim for footwear that is neutral (i.e., it will go with any outfit you brought) and stylish enough for photos. When going somewhere with water activities, I highly recommend bringing a good pair of water shoes for safety and comfort. There are many inexpensive options on Amazon. 


5. Shawl/Coverup

Anywhere you're likely to encounter religion (i.e., go into a conservative church, mosque or temple), you'll want to make sure to bring a shawl or large scarf to respectfully cover your head and/or shoulders. I have a white scarf that goes with any outfit and has saved me many times when stumbling upon a beautiful mosque or temple while exploring. 


#1 Lofoten, Norway. # 2 Nusa Penida. Bali, Indonesia. #3 East Java, Indonesia. #4 Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia. #5 Bangkok, Thailand. #6  Skogar, Iceland.

My Favorite Countries for Different Reasons

Best for hiking/epic views - Norway, Iceland, Indonesia, Switzerland 

Best for food and culture - Italy, Thailand, Mexico

Best for swimming, diving and other water activities - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico

Best for architecture and history - Italy, France, India, Egypt

If I had to choose only one favorite country it would undoubtedly be Indonesia. 

For more photos from around the world, follow me on Instagram: @lostinmymoment_

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