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Healthy, Easy, Delicious Food Swaps

Healthy eating isn't a trend; it's a lifestyle so many are chasing. With January comes the inevitable resolutions and goals to become healthier and fitter. Workouts increase (or let's be honest, they start...AGAIN). Salads are eaten. Smoothies are blended. Water consumption soars.  As a whole, the tendency is to take leaps and bounds to meet the [somewhat unrealistic] expectations we set, only to find it challenging to keep up or maintain ALL these new habits.  It's much easier to making lasting changes if baby steps are taken.  They are realistic; they are doable.  Conquering one leads to conquering more.  So, here are some "baby step" food swaps that are healthy and yummy and will help you head into this new year, and towards your new goals.  

Small Swaps, Big Benefits

Sweetened Applesauce ---> Unsweetened Applesauce

Sour Cream ---> Plain, Non-fat Greek Yogurt (Chobani)

Regular Bread ---> Sprouted Grain Bread

White/Wheat Pasta ---> Chickpea Pasta (Banza)

French Fries ---> Seasoned Sweet Potato Wedges (Alexia)

Baking Soda ---> Aluminum Free Baking Soda

Vegetable Oil ---> Unflavored Coconut Oil

Parmesean Cheese ---> Nutritional Yeast

Pudding/Dessert Dip ---> Dessert Hummus with fruit

Donuts ---> Energy Bites (recipes online)

Popsicles ---> Frozen Grapes

Ice Cream ---> Frozen Yogurt

Soda ---> Sparkling Water (ICE or La Croix)

Juice ---> Aloe Juice/Water with Fruit

Milk ---> Almond/Cashew Milk

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