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Open-air courtyard

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VIlla Azur's Tenth Anniversary

A unique Miami Beach restaurant-lounge celebrates a milestone

Villa Azur springs from a desire to transform dining into a vibrant experience. It fuses fine dining, creative mixology, and personalized service with musical collaborations as the champagne flows and a French Mediterranean air permeates the 8,000 square feet of Villa Azur, the seductive restaurant and lounge. The tree-lined open-air courtyard, ideally suited for a delicious meal, spills into indoor salons furnished with the welcoming white tufted sofas that we find outside and elaborate chandeliers. Each night features a different musical style, from a jazzy saxophonist to a rock guitarist. As the evening progresses and music pumped by DJ Yes takes center stage, a party vibe sets in, encouraging patrons to dance the night away, and they do.

We share one of Villa Azur’s more popular appetizers with our readers:  tuna tartare.


4 oz Ahi tuna diced in small cubes

1/2 teaspoon olive oil

Pinch salt

Pinch black pepper

Combine these ingredients in a mixing bowl and keep it very cold.

Orange Sauce

1 cup orange juice

One tsp yuzu juice

1/2 gr bonito flakes

One teaspoon of lemon juice

Strain the juices to remove any pulp. Reduce for about 20 minutes, add the bonito flakes. After 5 minutes, strain again to remove any impurities and cool down. Add the rest of the ingredients and cool down the sauce.

Avocado Salsa Verde

One bunch cilantro

One bunch parsley

One bunch spinach

One avocado

One shallot

1/4 cup olive oil


Blanch the greens in boiling water and cool them in ice bathwater. Strain the excess water. Place all the ingredients in a blender and process for about 2 minutes until it becomes a thick, smooth puree. Pour into a squeeze bottle



Place the tuna in a bowl with a ring mold, pressure down to shape. Top the tuna with the avocado salsa verde and pour around the orange sauce. Top with sliced radishes and fresh chopped chives to finish.

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