Watching New Trends Begin...

A time where watches have become a powerful accessory

If someone told you 50 years ago that you could wear your Rolex with a T-shirt and shorts, not just a tuxedo, would you believe them?  Mariano Steisel from The Watch & Jewelry Hospital has let us in on how the style and trend of watches is much more universal than it used to be. 

His business has handled manufacturing, importing, designing, wholesale, mastering every aspect of the industry at one point or another.  At only thirteen years old, Mariano joined alongside his father and has since worked in and now runs the family business. They have been operating here in Port St. Lucie for 14 years now.

Over the last five years, the trend for watches has taken over jewelry. Although he can custom design anything you request, nearly 90% of business is now about watches. The Watch & Jewelry Hospital is successful to this trend because they carry multiple brands and are one of the only places around certified to repair nearly any watch, no matter the brand. They have the equipment, talent, and capability to repair what most others don’t. 

Wearing a watch can be casual, professional, fancy, but how do we know which goes with what? Mariano let us in on a few important tips when styling yourself and picking out which watch to wear.


Finding the perfect size watch means taking several factors into consideration like style, wrist size and taste to help find the best suited one for your day to day hustle.  Is there such a thing as too big or too small? That depends on your personal preference! I like a bigger watch, like an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean that is 43.5mm, on my 7 inch wrist.  To some, that's too big, but it’s my preference!  It all comes down to taste, so take your time to find your style whether it’s something complex and unique, or more authentically plain and simple.



To me, the man that changed the watch game with fashion is James Bond!  He would wear a Rolex Submariner Reference 6538 Big Crown on a Nato strap no less, with a tuxedo!  Pretty sure no one said "are you crazy wearing that with a tux?” With the invention of the quick release spring bars that come on watch straps today, it's simple to change the strap and look of a watch to suit many different styles.  You can wear a rubber strap while in the pool, then swap it out to a dressy leather one for dinner the same night.  You don’t have to buy a whole new watch when you're ready for change, just the strap!


Chances are, you’re completing your outfit with a watch. If you’re dressing up for a nice night out, find a watch that matches that favorite pair of shoes with the matching leather belt! The set will help spruce up your overall look. A metal band can go both ways, being less casual to apply to your day to day activities, or being the finishing touch for your upcoming professional business meeting.

The Watch & Jewelry Hospital is owned by Mario and Eugenia Steisel, parents of Mariano.  The business has been around for nearly 55 years! His father, Mario, was a watchmaker and his grandfather a jeweler, making Mariano a third generation expert in this field.  Mariano enjoys giving back to his community and is excited to announce that they’ll be working with and supporting the charity “Angels 4 Autism”.  Find more information about their company by visiting

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