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Weekend Beauty Combines Sustainability with Proven Skin Care

SkinCatering expands its custom skin care line

SkinCatering in Tower Square, Springfield, launched its newest skin care line in 2022, and the response has been overwhelming. Weekend Beauty focuses on “friendships, skincare, travel, and sustainability for the planet,” says Heather Caisse-Gawron, chief impact officer. “We all love sharing new finds with our besties, so we thought it would be fun to make the products shareable, gift-able, and full of joy.”

Owner Leanne Sedlak founded SkinCatering in 2010, originally offering mobile spray tanning and non-toxic skin care products. After outgrowing her home location, Leanne opened a Chicopee studio and met co-owner Kim Brunton-Auger, joining SkinCatering as an esthetician. Over the next decade, they opened spa locations, formulated and manufactured an all-natural skin care brand and a private-label skin care business servicing several spas, and a home party company.

The interest in creating their own skin care line started with Kim. Thus began the exciting and often unexpectedly fun task of researching, trying new ingredients, and having friends, family, and clients test the products. Clients were pleased with their results, so Leanne and Kim sourced packaging and created labels. Their very first product, Fresh Start makeup remover, still exists today in its original formulation.

Their work was sometimes quite the adventure. Their first product, Perfect 10 moisturizer, took approximately ten trials to perfect. During their first batch, they added so much shea butter, they were sliding around the lab. Never ones to let a little extra shea butter deter them, they did more research and worked their way to a perfect formulation.

All ingredients are plant- or earth-based, with the exception of the yogurt extract's lactic acid. Packaging is “reusable, recycled, recyclable, or compostable,” says Heather. The products are named after friends and characters the women admire.

“The pandemic forced us to pivot and innovate,” says Leanne. “We've focused on diversifying avenues for our skin care, locating shops to carry products, signing businesses for private-label products, and our personal favorite—developing new products.”

Some clients come to the spa specifically because we formulate and manufacture everything ourselves in our lab,” says Kim.  “This ensures our team knows every single ingredient, helping people who have allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients. Clients can have a professional facial and know they are going to be okay.”

Five years ago, SkinCatering launched its Advanced line, featuring trending ingredients that clients want, but with plant-based versions instead of synthetic, chemical ones. “This is the skincare line as our clients know it today, though the foundations of our original formulas are used in our teen skin care line,” says Kim.

Currently, their most popular products are the SkinCatering brand's “The Voodoo That You Do” and the new Weekend Beauty brand's “Adele: You Had Me at Hello”. “These are our peptide booster and collagen booster products to help lift and firm your skin,” says Leanne. “You can notice a difference immediately in skin texture and firmness, especially in the under-eye area that so many of us struggle with.”

Other popular products include the brightening cleansers. Kim explains that the strawberry in these cleansers brightens skin with natural vitamin C and is great for clients with sensitive skin and of any age.   

“Over the next few years, we’ll continue growing the manufacturing side, enabling us to make larger contributions to our community, adding jobs and impacting local organizations that we are passionate about,” says Leanne.

To explore and purchase, visit or call the spa to make an appointment at 413.282.8SPA.

  • SkinCatering co-owners Leanne Sedlak and Kim Brunton-Auger
  • The "Adele:  You Had Me at Hello" line
  • Weekend Beauty's products are named for women SkinCatering's owners admire
  • Weekend Beauty focuses on plant- and earth-based ingredients
  • Weekend Beauty products are made in SkinCatering's lab onsite at the salon and spa