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A Glenwood Architect on Designing for Wellness, Sustainability, and Lasting Value

When Todd Young moved with his family to Glenwood from Flagstaff last summer, it was a homecoming. The architect is Colorado born and bred, with a career built in Steamboat Springs and a passion for sustainability and meaningful design. After a three-year stint in the Arizona desert, his lifelong love of the mountains prevailed—and Young returned to his home state to lay down roots in the valley.

“When I was based in Steamboat years ago, I really appreciated the close-knit community there,” he says. “The Roaring Fork Valley has that same feel. And of course the outdoor recreation here is amazing. As a kid my father brought me here on vacation, and I’m doing a lot of the same hikes and experiences now with my own family. So I’m kind of rediscovering its beauty, in a way.”

Young has worked on projects across the state, from Steamboat to Castle Rock to Pueblo, and also recently designed properties in Flagstaff and Sedona. He comes armed with an established professional reputation, an inspired design philosophy, and a desire to work with clients who share his values.

“I would love to see more organic architecture in the valley,” Young says. “And the revitalization of historic properties is also important. I’m just excited to grow and explore new opportunities in my new community.”

What's Behind Your Core Philosophy?


  • “Biophilic design acknowledges a passionate love of life and for the natural living world. Creating spaces for wellness and human interaction with nature and living systems is a primary goal in my work. As naturalist E. O. Wilson says in the biophilia hypothesis, 'Humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.'"


  • “I prefer using materials that do not deplete natural resources. These have a low embodied energy and act as a highly insulating shell for the perimeter of the building, and they emit little or no toxins. These include straw bale, adobe, foam block, and structural insulated panels.”


  • “‘Where the sun does not enter, the doctor does,’ is a powerful Italian proverb. In designing for a client’s wellness, I can provide healthy and even healing spaces. Through passive solar heating, natural light, and connecting with the sun’s cycles, my designs help invoke a sense of regenerative wellbeing. This can increase the life and value of a building and evoke a sense of satisfaction and timelessness.”


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