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Drop + Give Me 100

A Guide to Why and How to Reach That Pushup Goal

Article by Shawna Wright

Photography by Paul Versluis


Why should you do 100 per day?

  • Requires no equipment and very little space
  • Increases whole body strength, especially core, shoulders, triceps, chest and arms
  • Elevates your heart rate
  • Efficient (won’t take more than five minutes)

How should you do 100 pushups per day

  • Start modified, on knees with hands directly under shoulders
  • Hips forward
  • Core engaged
  • Keep hips, spine and head aligned
  • Lower body towards hands, slow and controlled
  • Hover chest over hands then press back up to starting

Pushup challenge

  • Week 1 - 50 pushups a day
  • Week 2 - 60 pushups a day
  • Week 3 - 70 pushups a day
  • Week 4 - 80 pushups a day
  • Week 5 - 90 pushups a day
  • Week 6 - BOOM - 100 pushups a day

Do them all at once, or in increments of 10 every hour.

Modify on your knees at first (or even stand at a counter top) then begin to substitute in a few on your toes.

There is a great sense of accomplishment in doing something you build up on your own. Starting small is always better than not starting at all.

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