Raising the Barre

Becka Repp shares her vision and dreams for Grace & Power Fitness

What inspired you to start Grace & Power?

I moved here from Arizona because of my husband’s job. He is actually from Greeley, so he was super excited to come back to Colorado— but I LOVED the job I had at the dance studio, Ballet Fusion Fitness (BFF). When I moved over, I really missed it. When I left, I joked that I was going to create a BFF2 in Colorado. My boss was like, “if you ever do, let me know!” She became my mentor and talked me through opening my own studio.

I started doing classes with a group of ladies that I met from a mom’s group in my house in the basement, and I just wanted to make it more than that.

Can you name the variety of classes you offer?

We have barre, beginner ballet for adults, pilates, yoga, and core & stability, which is with a big balance ball and is focused on core strength and contemporary dance.

What makes Grace & Power classes different?

We really focus on exactly what the name is— giving people power in their bodies and minds in a graceful and beautiful way. It’s not like those brutal workouts where you force yourself to get through it. Our workouts are fun, and they are for everybody. It’s a perfect balance of being strong while making it look effortless all at the same time.

How can exercise rejuvenate and connect the mind, spirit, soul, and body?

I always feel better after I dance. You might be having a bad day or going through a lot of emotions, but you always feel better after a workout. I feel rejuvenated because my mind had something else to focus on for an hour, and I’ve hung out with awesome women, so I feel ready to go ahead and do whatever it is for the rest of the day.

What are some of your goals with Grace & Power?

Right now, we rent a temporary space for classes, so my ultimate goal would be to have our own space in downtown Loveland. I really want to be a bigger name where people know they can come and gather. My dream is to be a staple in the community.

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