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The Single Most Important Element of Your Property Value is the Integrity of its Foundation

One of the most critically important aspects of purchasing a home is conducting a thorough inspection. And the most essential element of any property’s value is its foundation. Southern California is a land of earthquakes, expanding soils, and continuous erosion. Because of this, both residential and commercial structures require the highest standards of construction and repair—especially when it comes to foundations and subfloors.

Laguna Niguel-based Covalt Floor Leveling has been a trusted advisor to top Realtors, homeowners, and escrow companies for 38 years. The firm is highly regarded as among the finest concrete floor repair and resurfacing firms in Southern California.

Many homeowners don’t realize the extent of damage that foundation problems can cause.  In addition to subfloor cracks—which are not always visible beneath existing floor coverings—wall cracks, gaps in window frames, misaligned doors, and even roofing problems can all stem from an uneven or cracked foundation. If unattended, these problems will become worse, and significantly more costly, over time.

Often, issues are not discovered until the onset of a remodel; and removal of the existing floor reveals a sagging, slanted subfloor, or cracked foundation. Problem areas can also include garage floors, patios, in-ground pools, and driveways.

If you are buying or selling, Covalt’s inspection and repair systems provide low-cost solutions that can preserve your property’s value and save your escrow!

John Stanaland, one of Orange County’s top luxury real estate agents, agrees. “Covalt Flooring Leveling is truly the best I have worked with during my 25 years of selling real estate,” he says. “Their professionalism, knowledge, and workmanship are unmatched. I highly recommend Covalt and personally would not trust any other vendor for such a critically important home service.”

If you suspect foundation problems in your home, call (949) 496-3528 for a low-cost assessment and a written report of findings. CovaltLeveling.com

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