What to Eat as You Explore the World

Article by Hayley Hyer

    Sherry Ott of Otts World and Latifah Al-Hazzá of The Al-Hazzá Adventures are experts in finding the best foods and having the most exciting tasting experiences while traveling. Read their stories and tips, and don't forget to take notes for your next foodie adventure!

    How to Find Local Food Experiences on Vacation

    No matter where you are going, Sherry Ott has tips for finding the locals' food and getting the most authentic experience. Whether you are looking for the locals' favorite restaurants or a tour of the most popular foods, or you plan to eat in someone's home, there is something for you here.

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    Immerse Yourself in Italian Food Culture at Cooking School 

    How is Sherry Ott so good at finding the best local food? She learned from the locals. Sherry stayed with an Italian family in Sorrento, Italy, for a month and took a class at a culinary school there. Read all about what she learned during her immersive experience. 

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    What to Eat in Naples, Italy

    Ready to go to Italy after reading about Sherry's amazing cooking classes? Naples is a must-visit if you are traveling for food. They invented pizza there, after all! Of course, Sherry has the inside scoop on the pizza in Naples and where to get the best pastries too. 

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    Discover Twists on Middle Eastern Flavor in Georgia 

    Ready to go beyond Italy? Let Latifah Al-Hazzá take you on a trip to Georgia to taste a variety of flavors from Asian to European to Middle Eastern. Georgia is in a unique location with many different influences, so there are endless options and surprises to try. 

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    Hong Kong for Foodies 

    Craving dim sum? Fly over to Hong Kong where they do it best! Latifah shares all of her favorite foods from her three months there. If you have dietary restrictions, don't worry. Eating in a different country doesn't have to be hard. Latifah is a pescetarian, and she found all kinds of delicious options in Hong Kong. She also gives tips on the correct way to eat a dumpling—the more you know!

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    An Exotic Nicaraguan Dish 

    If you're the super adventurous type, maybe Nicaragua is the place for you to try something new. Latifah made an exception in her pescetarian diet and decided to try anaconda, rabbit and iguana at a local restaurant—sitting next to a crocodile in a river! 

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    Follow Sherry Ott @OttsWorld and Latifah Al-Hazzá @Tifahhhh 

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