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What's for dinner? Happy memories please!

Need a quick boost on a grey day? Two local restaurateurs explain why food is more than fuel

Food shouldn't make us feel guilty, it should make us feel comfort and joy. Yes, it's about more than counting calories – even in the time of New Year’s resolutions.

Ryan McElroy, co-owner of Bird Bird Biscuit explains why we should all take the biscuit.


"A chicken biscuit is the ultimate joy food.  My co-owner Brian Batch and I worked together at Thunderbird Coffee, which I own, for a decade before opening Bird Bird. We wanted to do something allowed us continue to grow together. I was raised in Virginia and Texas and Brian is from Midland.  We landed on biscuits because we found them comforting and, importantly, because the distance between okay biscuits and great biscuits is huge.  We thought we could apply the precision we learned from making coffee to the biscuit making process. Biscuits and fried chicken are, for us, an anytime food, but when it's cold and dark outside we find ourselves particularly craving comfort.  It's hearty and brightens our day enormously.”, (512) 761 4922

The owner of Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls, Sianni Dean, explains why we need to roll into the new year.

“Comfort food can boost your well-being because of the happy memories that come with it - moments that flip your whole day around. At our store, people can come and treat themselves instead of being hard on themselves this new year. We have delicious flavors like peach cobbler, strawberry, banana pudding… the list goes on. I started Cranky Granny’s in dedication to my granny, grandma and mom, who always made delicious treats growing up for family occasions, and lots of people come in to the store and tell us about the treats they used to make with their grandparents. I originally started out of my parent’s kitchen back home in Jersey, then moved 1700 miles here to Texas aged 21 and a few months later opened our first store front at The Domain. It been one heck of a ride but Granny is proud and customers love it. That’s all that matters.”, (609) 401 0090

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