Why Go Solar?

With Sun Solar Solutions

SunSolar Solutions have been part of the Las Vegas community for a while. In fact, they have been the top solar sales three years in a row. You already know how much they can save you money and how going green can save the environment, but there is definitely more to learn. Here are some of the best questions you have asked SunSolar Solutions.

What do you mean by zero down and zero out of pocket?

That is an excellent question! We hear that all the time from people confused if the government or they are paying for their solar panel installation. What it really means is that solar power is going to replace the cost you'd pay for energy but at a much lower price. And since we have such excellent options for loans and payment plans for your installation, those monthly payments are definitely going to be lower than your electricity bill. So after the solar panels are installed, you are no longer going to have to pay for power. Solar panel systems can cover nearly all of a home's electricity consumption and cost less than the homeowner is currently paying to NV Energy.

Who is it that will install your solar panels for you?

We have our installations done through Titan Installation. We at SunSolar Solutions are not a large corporation; we are a family-owned business with operations in Henderson. So we contract out to another installation company that we trust and do all our business with. However, something we provide that a lot of other solar companies don't is long-spanning payment plans. We can offer the best rates for five-year, 10-, 15- and even 20-year plans to help you cover your costs. 

A lot of solar companies recommend batteries for the excess energy that solar panels make; you don't. Why is that?

The answer is simple: because technology really is not there yet to make these batteries cost-effective. A lot of other companies such will suggest that you purchase batteries to store some power because solar panels obviously only generate energy when the sun is up, so there has to be something else to fill those gaps. But those batteries are highly inefficient, they are each hugely expensive—as much as $16,000—and the returns you get on that is about only half of a day's energy each! Our priority is to save you money. Our panels will increase property values—per a study found on the Department of Energy government website, $4 per watt being produced by the new system (an average order is 10 kHz or 10,000 watts and would increase the property value by $40,000). Why waste all that saved money on inefficient, expensive batteries? We offer another option where you can sell your energy back to NV Energy to receive additional power in exchange when you need it. So when you're generating electricity during the day and you don't need it you're not using it, you sell it to NV Energy, and they credit that money to you with more energy when you need it at night. There is no cap to how much energy you can have because of a battery limit, and there is no additional installation cost.

There you have it! Some of the best questions yet and some excellent reasons to go solar! And act fast; this is the last year they can get the best price on purchasing solar. The 30% federal tax credit is sunsetting at the end of 2019. 

Benefits of Owning Solar Panels

You claim all the savings and incentive. You claim the solar tax credits and any state or local incentives.

Sell your home for more. A recent study estimates that solar can increase the resale value of your home by more than $5,000 per kilowatt added.

Lock in your energy costs. Become less dependent on the utility company by locking in your monthly solar electricity costs.

Pay it off when you want. Shorten or pay off your loan whenever you want. There is no early payment penalty.

Exceptional warranties – 30-year solar panel linear power guarantee, 25-year solar panel, inverter and optimizer warranty and 20-year workmanship warranty

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