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Winter Hideaway

MM-Eight Construction Unveils Its Latest Project, An Impeccable Mountain Refuge Near Glenwood Springs

Picture this. It’s Christmas Eve atop Red Mountain in Glenwood Springs. Deep in the forest, a mile and a half west of “the Cross,” a cabin can be seen through the snow. Drifts are piled high at its edges, illuminated by warm light spilling from the windows. A cozy wisp of smoke rises from the chimney, while a dazzling tree adorns the living area below. If there was ever a postcard vision of Colorado at Christmastime, this is it.

“It’s been a dream of the owner’s for nearly two decades to be able to do this project,” says builder Trevor Everett of MM-Eight Construction. “The property is absolutely spectacular—it’s one of the most beautiful spots in the area. The cabin has 270-degree views. You can see Rifle and parts of New Castle, the Flat Tops, and all the way around to Sunlight and Sopris.”

Completed this fall, Everett says his team began pre-construction on the contemporary Scandinavian style cabin in mid-March, just as Covid-19 began hitting the valley. The project manager, Nick Shirley, worked tirelessly to ensure that things ran smoothly. Despite supply chain delays due to the pandemic and some less-than-ideal late spring snow, the crew was able to clear the path to the property (accessible from Three Mile Road) and begin building by mid-April. Working throughout the summer and early fall to finish before the snow started flying again, Everett says the project kept Shirley on his toes all year.

“It’s so unique because the simplicity of the design is deceiving,” Everett notes. “Looking at all the clean lines and details, you’d think it would have been easy. But everything is so precise that it actually made for a very complex build.”

That precision was key in constructing the home’s striking features: the trimless floor-to-ceiling picture frame windows, for example, and the walls’ vertical wood paneling aligned perfectly with matching floor tiles.

“There really was no margin of error,” Everett recalls. “Even when laying the foundation—the excavator had to be very detail-oriented. Throughout the whole process, we had to get everyone to step back, take a breath, and really get the details right.” 

Interior designer Amy Jo Everett, co-owner of MM-Eight Construction and owner of MM-Eight Design, weighed in on crucial decisions inside the cabin. She worked closely with the homeowner to choose the property’s overall aesthetic by staging the interior. This collaboration between designer, builder, and client produced a captivating aesthetic that radiates from within the cabin.

The Everetts are rightfully proud of their company's work on this extraordinary custom retreat. As a family-owned construction business, they honor the powerful role that a home should have in their clients’ lives. They understand that the right space is a backdrop for all the joys of family life.

“We think about the birthdays and special milestones that will be celebrated in the homes we build, the good times and the hard times, all the special memories made during holidays. There’s a feeling of safety and comfort at home, so to be able to help people bring their dreams into reality is our purpose for doing what we do,” Everett says. “We love this industry. And we love to build spaces for people to truly come home to.”

  • Tekton Design of Carbondale "took the homeowner's vision and ran with it," says MM-Eight's Trevor Everett. "They did a remarkable job."
  • The cabin's rooftop firepit and bar top seating were designed with skywatching and starlit wine tastings in mind.
  • Generous windows invite the outside in, bringing extraordinary views and natural light to the 900 sq. ft. living space.
  • Handmade cabinetry hand-poured concrete countertops were completed by the cabin's hands-on owner.
  • A stunning suspended chimney over the cabin's fireplace allows for generous seating and relaxation.
  • The cabin feels remote, but is located only about 25 minutes from downtown Glenwood. It has an off-the-grid feel but does have water and electric.
  • The cabin's atypical design called for perfect alignment of every 7-3/4" inch wood panel and floor tile. No cuts were made during construction.