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Broiling your wings develops the caramelization that tastes even better than fried!

Article by Chef Jean Marie Harvey

Photography by Dana DeSilvio

Originally published in Green Hills Lifestyle

BRING BROILING BACK this winter! Think of that mysterious, forgotten setting on your oven as an upside-down, indoor grill: focusing immense heat directly onto foods you would normally grill to create crusts, caramelization and char. But, just like with a good roux, you can never leave the broiler’s side - not even to answer the door. This big heat develops beautiful cookery in minutes, but twenty seconds too long can result in a burnt heartbreaker. To try it with Chicken Wings: marinate one pound wings/flats in 1½ cups soy sauce, 1 cup diced strawberries, and a tablespoon of honey, overnight, covered.The next day, remove chicken from marinade and shake off excess liquid. Place on a foil-lined, oiled baking sheet, skin-up. With a paper towel, pat the skins dry. Leave on the counter, at room temperature, for thirty minutes. With your broiler preheated to high, place pan on the highest rack placement, close the door, and let the magic begin. Pour your marinade into a saucepan and let simmer. Check wings every minute or so, knowing they must cook to a darkness that may make you uncomfortable. They’ll hiss, scream, and pop, that's the goal!  Once each wing has a deep, dark, crisp exterior, remove and check for doneness (7-10 minutes). Toss them in your reduction, and relish in your new mastery of the kitchen’s forgotten hero: the brawny broiler.

SMART SWAPS: substitute soy with Coconut Aminos, made with far less salt and no soy. Speaking of salt, squeeze on fresh lemon juice when you’re craving sodium (oftentimes, it’s acid that’s lacking, not salt). Pining for Parmesan? Try shaved coconut flakes! Their texture trick the brain into thinking you’ve added soft cheese. While you’re at it, try beef collagen to thicken sauces and your morning coffee. Lastly, do yourself a favor and get to know Polenta: a rich, filling, and naturally gluten-free vessel to use in place of pasta or potatoes.