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Winter Wonderland Welcome

Inspirations for decking your porch


This unexpected look can make quite the statement and cause passersby to stop and take notice.  Selecting one color to focus on may seem like overkill, but if done correctly, you can create a gorgeous dramatic porch that will be the envy of your neighbors.  While you can absolutely choose to use a traditional holiday color like red or green, opting to bring accent colors like gold, silver, or white to the forefront brings about a look of chic sophistication.

Red, Black, & White

Classy colors for a classy Christmas, red, black, and white are easy to find in regard to holiday décor.  The black and white create a neutral slate that allows the red items to really pop.  An exceptionally convenient reason for using these colors is that you can incorporate objects and textiles you already own and have around your house to create this look.  Then you can shop around for specific statement pieces that reflect your unique style and distinct holiday spirit.


Bring the northern outdoors to our warm climate, by creating a winter woodland look.  Use wreaths, swags, or garland of evergreens such as pine, spruce, or fir.  You can also add a stack of chopped logs, an old wooden sleigh, lanterns, or a rustic basket of pinecones along with classic white lights to fully transform your warm southern porch to a enchanted winter retreat.