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You've probably seen "Worthy Cakes" at your local farmer's market; they are known for their "Jakes" or "Cake in Jars." However, they have a brick-and-mortar right in Winter Garden. Meet Asha Worthy-Robinson, the owner of Worthy Cakes. She has been passionate about baking sweets since she was a little girl. She was known in middle school as "the girl who brought cupcakes to class" and acquired up many friends that way. Asha was self-taught and picked up a lot from her family on baking sweets. After college, she was encouraged by her mother, Grace, to turn her passion into more than just a hobby but an actual business. Grace helped her get the business up and running and still helps her to this day as well as Asha's husband and sisters. 

They launched Worthy Cakes and initially were working the farmer's markets in Winter Garden on Saturdays and Downtown Orlando at Lake Eola on Sundays. Then, they expanded to open their brick and mortar at 13391 W Colonial Drive. After running across the county to gather supplies to keep the business running, they decided to also sell baking supplies. This was a huge relief to many local bakers in the same situation. This lets Asha bake in one spot without having to spend hours driving to find supplies. She carries an impressive variety of inventory, from cookie cutters and cake drip bottles to fun sprinkles and food dyes. All of these are available for purchase at their location and their custom cakes, cake jars, and more. 

One of the most important things they try to achieve is making a cake that everyone can try. This is precisely why they incorporate Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free cakes into their product line and, all while making sure they taste just as delicious for their customers as the regular ones. They try and switch up their flavors seasonally to keep it fresh and trendy even. If they get repeated requests for a specific flavor, they will work to perfect that cake recipe. They also have a "return your jar for a discount" policy which is very popular and helps keep costs down on new supplies. Their biggest sellers are going to be their "Cake in a Jar" and their "Push up Cakes." The greatest thing about these is that it is easy to eat on the go without having to cut a piece of cake and box it up; you can just eat it straight from the jar with the spoon they provide. 

So next time you find yourself in Winter Garden, Winter Park, or Downtown Orlando, look for these Worthy Cakes at your local farmer's market booth.

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