It's Just a Design Away

Interior designer Melinda Lytle balances everyone's tastes, styles, and budgets.

With the growing popularity of home renovation shows that magically turn dilapidated houses into chic chateaus, we are left with the impression that anyone can convert a cluttered living space into an artful blend of form and function. “How hard could it be, after all” you ask yourself, “take down a wall here, add a little shiplap there, a fresh coat of paint, and a statement piece of furniture to tie it all together. Boom!” Oh, if it were only that simple! For those of you adventurous souls that found out the hard way that there are so many variables to consider when taking on a large renovation project, your DIY dream quickly became a nightmare. Understanding your style concept, coordinating designs and patterns, ensuring your colors complement each other, all while carefully minding the details… who has the time or the patience for any of that?! Interior designer Melinda Lytle does, that’s who.

Fueled by the power of word of mouth, what started as a labor of love 8 years ago with elaborate holiday decorations and children’s room makeovers has blossomed into a booming business for Melinda. She and her team of contractors are hired to update and stage interiors (and exteriors) of residential and commercial properties.

“Over time, I began to realize that many homeowners do not see there are challenges in renovations and redesigns. Doing it oneself is not as easy as they think because there could unknowingly be an issue uncovered if a demolition is done,” warns Melinda.

Navigating the massive world of interior design can be overwhelming due to the vast range of design options available. From eclectic to minimalist, modern farmhouse to art deco, Melinda’s first task is to determine the right style for her customers. Melinda conducts an initial walk-through to get acquainted with her “canvas” as well as her client. Analyzing the floorplan, getting a feel for the space, and having a detailed conversation with her customers to assess their needs and wants are all part of her process. She then is able to build a design concept rendering which helps her clients visualize her ideas and ensures that they will be happy with the finished product.

It is a common misconception that making dramatic improvements requires a massive bank account, but creating a custom living space within your budget is a challenge Melinda loves to take on. She finds joy in scouring local shops and online stores for one-of-a-kind pieces at a discount. “Hunting for finds is my world and I definitely love encountering high-end products for a steal when out and about. Splurge items for amazing prices make my heart happy because making a room look good does not always have to break the bank,” beams Melinda with a huge smile.

In the end, a space that was once bland and boring is given a fresh new look and the customer in turn may feel a sense of inspiration, confidence, and relaxation making the experience worth it. Be it a single room or an entire residence, Melinda wants clients to feel a sense of peace when they enter their homes. To find your style, book your appointment, or see other works Melinda’s team have done view her Instagram page @MELINDALINTERIORS.

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