Your New Worklife

A flexible workspace is the key to finding control and balance.

If the pandemic has caused you to feel a lack of control over your work life, you are not alone. We have all been forced to let go of our routines and take things day by day.

If there is one positive outcome of watching the pendulum swing from stringent office expectations (and a long stretch of desk time sandwiched between a painful commute) to 100% work from home, it is that companies have had to quickly evolve their perception of a workday.

There is a new definition of work life and it is marked by balance, control, mobility, flexibility and most exciting: employee empowerment. For employees who have proven that they can fulfill their work obligations while remote, companies are now loosening the reigns on what the traditional workday looks like. It is an exciting time to see individuals being given the freedom to evaluate their home and work needs and construct the ideal work life to suit them.

Where to begin with this new flexibility and freedom? Take a close look at your work obligations and your personal responsibilities and determine how to best integrate the two. One problem that has arisen as so many people began working from home without warning is the inability to set boundaries. If you are obsessively checking emails while preparing your family dinner, then you are blurring the lines of a work-life balance. We all know deep down you can never effectively do two things at once, but when you share your workspace with your personal space the temptation to multi-task can be overwhelming. Having separate and dedicated spaces for work and play is a crucial first step to setting work-life boundaries.

A second important step to achieving a healthy work life integration is convenience, which begins with ditching that painful commute. Serendipity Labs understands how valuable time is, which is why they have strategically selected their locations to best serve surrounding residential areas. The goal is a quick drive to a safe and convenient space where you can scan your ID card for contactless check-in, grab a seat, and get to work instantaneously. With convenience like this, you now gain more time for things that matter to you personally such as fitness, family time, meditation, and hobbies.

What is also important when selecting your workspace in choosing an environment that fosters inspiration and productivity. At the core of the Serendipity Labs Perimeter, and a key reason many professionals choose to work there, is their evident focus on design and aesthetic. Step into the Perimeter location and you will immediately feel a spark of motivation to get to work. This was no accident, and in fact is based on extensive research around workplace design.  Abundant natural light, pure simplistic lines, ergonomic furniture, clean filtrated air, noise-canceling acoustics and a balance of collaborative and private workspaces all contribute to a truly inspiring atmosphere.

Reserve a private office for 1-2 people, a team room for up to 10, or choose from many different dedicated desks in their coworking area. Membership plans are equally as flexible, allowing for individual day passes or full-time membership plans and even family plans to allow multiple people in a household to share a desk or office space.

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