Your Style of Fitness Self-Care

One on One Fitness Studio fosters a unique approach for a lifelong love of health

Confidence. In addition to a lack of time, one of the top reasons that most people do not work out is a lack of confidence. Entering a gym full of equipment you’ve never seen before can be overwhelming — let alone having to learn how to actually use it. Time is of the essence, and One on One Fitness Studio in West Springfield is the answer to becoming the healthiest version of you.

Peter Samberg, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in fitness management and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), opened his studio in 2004 with the goal of providing a supportive yet straightforward system for individuals looking to improve their health and fitness.

The studio at 1346 Elm Street is tucked in the back of a two-story building and has a seemingly simple exterior, but enter the interior and you’ll be impressed with the studio’s highly functional yet attractive layout. Peter has designed the studio to give clients a feeling of privacy and comfort. Several small rooms offer intimate training environments for all levels of fitness, including for those who have never set foot in a gym before.

Alongside a certified trainer, clients are educated and supported throughout their workouts in a distraction-free zone until they feel comfortable in their personal programs. The smaller rooms provide a retreat and comfort level not typically available in larger gyms.

Peter and his team strive to offer a fundamental approach to fitness without gimmicks or fad diets. “My ultimate goal is to teach clients how to get healthy and sustain those habits for life. This is not a quick-fix or gimmicky approach — and there’s no supplement pushing either. I always preach the importance of balance,” Peter shares.

When a client first meets with their trainer, they will have a “get to know you” session that enables the trainer to fully understand the client’s goals and motivations, what fitness approaches they have previously tried (successfully or otherwise), and what types of methods they do not care for.

A unique aspect of One on One Fitness Studio is the in-depth body composition assessment, a measurement of body fat percentage, muscle mass, and even the amount of water in the body. The analysis concisely breaks down body composition specific to each leg, arm, and yes, even the more-targeted areas such as the belly. The data gathered from this assessment is vital in showing a client’s progress in a concrete way, in addition to revealing how they personally feel over time in terms of their energy levels and strength.

Peter Samberg and his team of trainers provide clients a unique opportunity to feel comfortable as they improve their physical health, endurance, and overall body confidence. One on One Fitness Studio allows clients to create their personal vision for fitness and health goals and then execute it in the way that makes them feel the most confident, supported, and successful.

Your individual self-care style is elevated to a new level the moment the work is started from within, including the confidence to improve your health in a supportive environment with a simple approach to lifelong physical wellbeing.

One on One Fitness Studio is ready to help you. For amazing video testimonials of successful clients, visit For additional inspiration, visit and Peter and his team can be reached at 413.330.3597. Start your health journey today!

“My ultimate goal is to teach clients how to get healthy and sustain those habits for life."

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