Tips For Keeping Your Home In Tip-Top Shape

Local Expert Advice On Maintaining Your Home

Living in Central Florida provides unique challenges for your home, one of your largest investments. Preventative maintenance not only keeps it looking beautiful and enjoyable it will also pay dividends down the road. We’ve assembled some advice from our community’s top experts on how to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Caleb Regehr, Owner of local painting company Custom Care By Caleb (407-375-1425 / Service@CustomCareByCaleb.com), shared that you should not worry too much about that ugly green ‘stuff’ growing on your home here in Central Florida – It’s mostly aesthetic. You should pressure wash the exterior of your home every year; Mud Dauber nests actually stain the paint, and you will need to touch up the paint after cleaning those off. Depending on sun and shade exposure should paint your home’s exterior every 5 to 7 years and a good quality exterior latex/acrylic or elastomeric paint is best for our area.

Renato Nogueira, Owner of Dive-In Pool Service and local pool & spa expert (407-234-1702 / DiveInPool@live.com), informed that your pool chemicals should be weekly, even for salt-water pools that generate chlorine automatically. Taking care of your pool and spa’s filter is critical; filter pressure should be checked weekly, and cleaning should be performed every 2 to 4 weeks depending on filter type & size. We have hard water in our area, and the hard-water stains/calcification on tile can be cleaned with a high-quality ‘tile scale remover’ and pumice stone. Just be careful to rinse well and not swim immediately afterward, as some of these cleaners are acid-base.

Having your AC go out in Florida is never good and Nick’s AC & Heating (407-489-5060 / www.NicksACandHeat.com) says that although no one can predict when you will have an issue, preventative maintenance is key! Have your AC and heating units checked out twice per year, replace filters every 60-90 days, and ensure that the drip pains drains are clean and open. Most high-efficiency homes are designed to maintain one temperature and to lower your utility expenses; it’s best to do away with heating and cooling ‘programs’ and pick a single temperature that works best for you. Also, installing a U/V light in your air handlers is a great way to reduce molds and other allergens in your home.

Just like your AC & heating system, air ducts require regular maintenance and as a general rule of thumb,  Mike Schumaker, Owner of Vent Pro Duct Cleaning  (817-682-2412), recommends duct cleaning every 3 to 5 years, even if you change your filters often. Due to safety reasons and to ensure your dryer’s longevity, dryer vents are more critical and require yearly cleaning.

Top Dawg Power Washing and Paver Sealing (407-697-8603 / TopDawgPowerWashing@gmail.com) recommends that hard surfaces such as unsealed pavers, cement driveways/aprons, and sidewalks/aprons should be pressure washed at least twice a year. Most HOA’s require you to clean the sidewalks, aprons, and curbs as well. The value of sealing your pavers is not only aesthetic, but also protects them from sun damage, mold, mildew, and algae. Using a professional to seal your pavers will extend the longevity and expect about 5 years from a high-quality sealer. Sealed surfaces should be low-pressure washed as needed.

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