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Cultivated Cocktails

Since Taylor and Leah Howard of H&H Distillery introduced new flavor to Asheville (move over, beer!), they have found tremendous success sharing their passion for craft beverages. Because of this success and some new North Carolina laws allowing more freedoms in the world of liquor, they are now offering craft cocktails in the downtown distillery. This means guests can stop in, walk around and learn about the distilling process and discover their new favorite drink, all while sipping a cocktail made with great love and attention. And if that isn't good enough, Leah was more than happy to share a couple of recipes for her favorite cocktails this season. So go ahead and take a crack at making them at home, or just take a trip to Cultivated Cocktails in the downtown location of H&H Distillery and let the pros do what they do best. Happy sipping, Asheville!

Roses and Thorns 


Shades of Rosé Gin

Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water

Crude “Bitterless Marriage” Bitters



 Start with a 2-ounce pour of Shades of Rosé Gin followed by a dash of bitters. Top it off with Elderflower Fever-Tree tonic water. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary. 

Asheville Bear


Asheville Coffee Liqueur 

Hazel 63 Rum

Crude Cocoa “Big-Bear” Bitters

Coffee Beans

Asheville Bee Charmer Chai Honey

Whipped Cream


Start with 2 ounces of Asheville Coffee Liqueur and 2 ounces of Hazel 63 Rum. Add in a dash of the Crude Cocoa Bitters and shake with Chai Honey. Top with whipped cream and your favorite coffee beans.

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