The Art of Baking

Pris Maynez, Asheville’s up-and-coming baker, is quickly gaining recognition on the wedding and event scene. The Texas transplant moved to town with her husband in 2015, and after having a baby six months later, she started baking. She started with birthday cakes for kids' birthdays, and another friend asked her to make a cake and some small desserts for her child’s first birthday. It all seemed to happen by accident, and before she knew it, Pris had fallen in love with the art of baking.

“I took to YouTube, bought some basic baking supplies, and started practicing like crazy,” Pris says.

She would try 10 recipes until she was able to perfect the recipe. She began doing blind taste tests at her husband’s job, bringing in cake after cake for months, mastering the art of flavor and design. The self-taught baker soon learned what she liked and disliked in cakes, both in taste and in baking performance. Eventually, she yielded excellent results.

After this trial-and-error period, more and more friends asked Pris to make cakes. With this increase in demand, she decided to create an Instagram and Facebook page and posted photos of her cakes. Then the orders started coming in. She has created cakes for birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras and other special occasions.

When asked about her most difficult cake, she described her black geode cake she created for a wedding photo shoot. It was made up of so many pieces of small sugar, and the uneven tiers made it challenging to stack the cake. The crystals kept falling off, and on the day of the photo shoot, it rained! It turned out great in the end, but the creation was difficult. Her largest cake was a five-tier wedding cake covered in Italian meringue buttercream. Each tier was a different flavor!

Her favorite cakes to create are the ones for kids' birthdays.

“I love their reactions when they see the cakes. Once, a kid kept literally hugging his cake, and it made my day!” 

She has turned from student to teacher and now teaches classes on cookie decorating. Pris enjoys seeing her students create something beautiful they never imagined they were capable of creating. Her personal favorite cake is marble cake with chocolate ganache filling.

“I’m a self-taught baker, always looking for new ideas and inspiration everywhere I go. Now that I have the basics of cake making down, the sky is the limit!"

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and She will be offering a class at Nest on Feb. 9.  

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