Back to School in Vintage Style

What happens when a mother with an eye for fashion, a passion for nostalgia, and an ability to design unique creative vintage chic pieces for young girls decides to change the fashion game? JabellaFleur!

JabellaFleur is owned by Black fashion designer and #SoFu resident Alissa Bertrand.

In a few weeks some students will begin in-person learning, a slight adjustment from the normal back to school of yesteryear. Although there may be fewer students in classrooms, for Bertand’s lucky daughters there will be no shortage on fashion.   

Bertrand’s beautiful girls are the brand representatives of her fashion creations. JabellaFleur pairs florals and stripes, plaids and polka dots, 70s and 80s, 60s and 2000s in ways that will have you asking, “Where can I buy that?” or “How quickly can I have it shipped?”

SFL had the pleasure of speaking to designer Bertrand during a break between creations:

Your designs are so unique. Where do you get your inspiration? My girls are my inspiration—one does not want dresses and sometimes I am drawn to a specific pattern that may remind me of another daughter’s personality.

The patterns and prints are so interesting. Yes. I believe you should use what you have—sheets, women’s skirts and shirts, and even curtains. Sometimes I can see material and imagine what I want it to become.

Have you always designed clothing for your children? I have always enjoyed thrifting and after a change in my employment I wanted to save money, plus I didn’t like what I was seeing in the store for children, especially my girls.

Can you elaborate on what you wanted to see for your daughters? Young girls should dress like stylish young girls. I want a return to the well-dressed child. I want to change the narrative of what is considered fashionable for young children, one design at a time.

You are definitely getting noticed. Your Instagram @jabellafleur has a following of 46K! Any plans to create a clothing line? Yes, I would love to do fashion editorials, and I am working on a clothing line. Once the clothing line is done, I’ll expand to women’s clothing, then men and boys, and I’d really like to create a home décor design collection. My social media following validates that I am on the right path. I love getting feedback from viewers on my page.

SFL: I am so excited for you and I look forward to seeing your new designs. I can’t wait to have my own pieces of JabellaFleur by Alissa B!

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