Saluting Public Servants

Meet four women who make our city tick

EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR 2019 Police Service Representative Natasha Clark (Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2019) While Police Service Representative Clark has only been with the department a short time, during the third quarter she demonstrated in many ways what the Dunwoody culture is about. PSR Clark provided last-minute coverage for the front desk and has covered a couple of day shifts. PSR Clark has impressed many supervisors with how she pays attention to the radio and listens for pertinent information. PSR Clark has been commended for working well with officers and can often anticipate what is needed. PSR Clark has shown excellent displays of customer service, particularly when she helped console a woman who was grieving and in crisis outside of the police department. EMPLOYEE OF THE First QUARTER 2019 Police Service Representative Lori Rivera Rivera demonstrated her ability to be a team player while assisting - sometimes last minute - with coverage at the front desk. PSR Rivera has excelled in her productivity and quality of work.  There have been several occasions when she has completed multiple warrant entries with no errors in one night and completed over 60 GCIC warrant validations in just a few short weeks with little to no assistance and without error. PSR Rivera demonstrated a talent for attention to detail.  After being given the task of assisting with warrant validations, she demonstrated excellent skills in time management. Lastly, she did an excellent job researching the status of an inmate and communicated with multiple agencies to ensure we knew where the inmate was located and if the inmate’s warrants should still be valid. Her efforts in this area and detailed documentation of the matter were greatly appreciated and saved countless hours of work time for her supervisors and peers. EMPLOYEE OF THE 2ND QUARTER 2019 Police Service Representative Diane Sanford Police Service Representative Sanford recently worked at the Georgia Law Enforcement Explorer Academy (GLEEA) during the second quarter as an Explorer Advisor. She played a significant role in the success of the academy, mentoring the explorers and encouraging them to push their boundaries towards growth. She worked well with all of the participants of the academy to ensure its success. PSR Sanford also contributed greatly towards the training of our newest PSR, Natasha Clark, and did an exceptional job helping Natasha prepare for that role. PSR Clark is now on her own and doing an exceptional job. PSR Sanford sets a daily example for us all when it comes to her consistency and willingness to help others without seeking reward or recognition. She has truly demonstrated a number of our core values to include: Service, Integrity, Professionalism and Teamwork. EMPLOYEE OF THE 4TH QUARTER 2019 Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police Liz Stell The Chief’s Executive Assistant, Liz Stell, has made great efforts over this past quarter assisting in the planning and organizing of several community outreach events, to include Truck or Treat, Coffee with a COP, and Christmas for Kids. Time and time again, Liz goes above and beyond while setting up projects for employee functions such as our Thanksgiving Potluck, Rock Your Ugly Sweater, and our upcoming DPD Awards Banquet. She also took on the huge task of planning and scheduling our recent staff portraits. Liz has stayed late on many occasions to ensure all her projects are completed and perfected. She has worked well over this past quarter with the Assistant City Manager to ensure all employees have safe and functional workspaces. Liz also showed great initiative and thoughtfulness when she promoted and arranged the shipment of a Military Care Package to an officer over the holidays; who is currently deployed overseas. This idea was a great morale booster for the officer. Liz also demonstrated her attention to detail when she asked the right questions and gathered important specifics regarding how to properly process an incoming grant. Her efforts in this area will make it easier for future grants to be processed more efficiently.

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