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Putting Your Best Fashion Forward On Video Calls

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.” This time around, we got a pandemic! Here are a couple of fun great ideas to enjoy handling business from home on Zoom calls.

Since people are only seeing the top of you for the most part, it's a great idea to play with color, volume, and texture in your tops. Since you only have to worry about one piece of clothing, let's make it simple, well, simply dramatic I should say. If you use volume and texture in your top, go softer and sleeker on the hair and vice versa. If your background has a lot of neutral colors, make sure you are the "pop" of color, however, your background should never outdo you. 

If you are a black lover, then please give us a subtle show by adding accessories; don’t be afraid or too lazy to add some seasoning. Especially for those trying to look like a meal on your Zoom call! Seriously though, some jewelry, a scarf, or broach can make a world of a difference. 

To simplify the process, dresses are a quick way to go! You can go commando or even braless for some, depending on the dress style, and just add a belt. Two pieces and a sloppy up-do with blush and some earrings make you look like Sleeping Beauty made an effort. 

You always want to look like you at least made an effort. No one has to know if you’ve got the pandemic lazy bug or not. Look like you’ve got it together! 

Simple things like blush and earrings or just lashes and gloss without makeup make a huge difference!

For the men! Simple: Polo style shirts look so good on camera; get them in every color. A tie or suspenders and a nice watch are great accessories. 

Do not neglect your background. Find the best place possible to compliment what you are wearing. Try not to use a background that's too busy—you should always be the main focus.

For branding purposes, get creative and place things in your background that people may notice and ask you about later. Keep in mind if you have multiple businesses, your background can be used to subtly advertise or market your other businesses while on a Zoom call with one business! 

Bring a little bit of your personality into your background using visible quotes or photos; most people usually try to hide things, but it's good for people to get to see a bit more of who you are since they don't get this opportunity when in an office building.  

Make the very best of your situation and don't stress out. It’s not the end of the world! 

Remember, true style comes from within, but people can't see that on Zoom! 

Fancy Lewis is a Freelance Fashion Designer at Strictly Editorial.

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