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Fashion and Function

We asked Thomas Eye Group to show us what the hottest trends are in summer eyewear.

Now that we know the trends, we sat down with Dr. Reddy to find out the importance of wearing Sunglasses—fashion aside!

"Sunglasses are a stylish addition to our summer wardrobe, but as an ophthalmologist, I find them to be a summer necessity for the following reasons," says Dr. Reddy.

1. Ultraviolet light protection – "UV light is harmful to our vision and actually can accelerate the formation of cataracts and worsen retinal conditions such as macular degeneration. UV light is often reflected off of bright surfaces in the summer, so wearing sunglasses with UV protective coating, I feel, is essential for eye protection."

2. Polarization — "When light reflects off of hard surfaces, it has a tendency to scatter all over the place. The light rays that are reflected horizontally off of car dashboards or off the road while driving can actually cause a lot of glares. This impedes a person from seeing clearly while driving and can actually lead to safety issues. Polarized sunglasses basically have an extra coating on their surface to eliminate the effect of these horizontal reflected rays and greatly decrease issues from glare on a bright sunny day."

3. Burns — "Bright sunlight can actually cause burns in the retina and lead to permanent loss of central vision, so sunglasses, especially in a bright reflective environment, can help provide protection against this."

"While shopping for sunglasses," concludes Dr. Reddy, "I would definitely recommend making sure they have UV protective coating and are polarized. Sunglasses are appropriate at any age. If you wear prescription glasses, you can actually get sunglasses with your prescription built into them."

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